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I would like to start a topic that is a little of out property investment, but still involved in property and places. 

There are many hidden terrific place for Good Food which is not known to the public (as some store owner tends to be low profile, and based on personal experience, those that had been published in Newspaper or TV not all but some of it, their food will turn to a bit more commercialized loosing the original taste that was being previously reported - due to the fact they need to cope up with the crowd) 

So if you do know any nice place for good food do share it out. (Aside from property, when I am free I do like to hunt for good food too :))


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johor soon will have a lot of china food lol

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Bobby say best food is cpm(Chilli Pan Mee) at USJ 9.

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More China food? It is because I have heard news that Senai airport will have direct flights to ShenZhen soon... not by a budget airline though!

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@imronaldsoo thanks for sharing