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What is your view on this? 6+% dividend from EPF and 4% from properties' rental income.


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  take out to buy property you can earn more than you keep inside. =)  

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We wouldn't know what will happen to our EPF money if our country still remains under the same constituency of you-know-who. Although the 6.4% may sound high, I would rather invest in high potential properties in prime locations. Be it just a small studio unit or whatsoever, at least its affordable, if no one rents my unit, I can make it into an AirBnB unit hehe.

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instead of leaving your money in EPF and you couldn't expect what will be happen  in future, why not use the money in property investment? even though rental yield might be lower than what EPF offer, but investing properties, you can earn the capital appreciation.

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thank you for good sharing