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Wanted to check with your floor, whats your opinion with regards to 24 hour self service laundromat?

Would this be the next business trend? 

How do you perceive the ROI? 

I have a few prominent place nearby University Campus that 24hours laundromat yet to open there.


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Yea good idea. OR collaborate with a cafe next door / in the laundrette :D

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In overseas (eg Denmark), there is a concept of laundrette cafe. People can eat and drink while waiting for their laundry to be done! Very good concept! And these cafes are always nicely designed! 

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There are good location and very new building (CF February 2016) just next to University & College without self-service of Laundrette, cafe, printing and stationary, restaurant and many businesses can be consider at this location. Any info pls don't hesitate to contact 012-229 6268

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thank you for good sharing