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Luxury condominiums and high-rise buildings are blooming in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. More so, many see it as an investment, or simply love the idea of living in an upscale experience with available amenities at their doorstep.

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If you love living life lavishly, and splurging makes you happy, most likely you will opt to live in a luxury condominium. Although some would prefer a landed property, condominiums have so much more to offer. Topping it off, luxury condos offers a pleasant environment, when an evening stroll is just few floors away without having to feel anxious about your safety. That being said, of course it comes with a bigger price tag.

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While today’s landed luxury homes come with their own personal clubhouse with landscaped walkways, they cost a terror to the pocket. Buying a condominium is on the other hand comparatively more affordable while offering almost all the same advantages, and a major plus point is that residents get to enjoy beautiful views of their surroundings; something which can hardly, if ever, be achieved by living in a landed property.

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Convenience is key. Most of the facilities and amenities are located within the complex. From clubhouses, to gyms, to children's playground, to sports centre, to state-of-the-art swimming pools, and everything else in between, you name it. Most facilities in luxury condominiums are well maintained and less likely to be damaged. That being said, luxury condos are a perfect place to invite friends and family over to enjoy the available facilities and amenities under one roof without having to travel from one place to another. And while landed properties may offer residents a small plot of garden to muck around in, condominium dwellers may enjoy up to acres of landscaped gardens to jog around and picnic in.

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Living in a condominium will automatically eliminate the need of up-keeping the exterior of the building, which will be taken care of the management body. Aside from that, imagine the cost of owning your own personal swimming pool, and the pain of keeping it clean and sanitised. Now with the ultra high end condominiums offering personal swimming pools for every unit, residents need not worry about the tedium maintaining their pool. The grounds will also be beautifully landscaped every single day, without the pain of weeding, mowing the lawn or hiring a good gardener.

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One thing is for sure, everyone is worried about their home's safety. With high-end security systems being implemented in luxury condominiums, residents are less likely to be worried. Of course nothing is a guarantee, but more safety features are usually offered compared to other complexes. Most luxury communities include security alarms and panic buttons in each unit, an added safety feature to prevent and discourage intruders from entering. Travelling outstation for long periods will also no longer be a concern as robbers will not be able to stalk which unit has not had its lights on for a few days and target it.

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There is a whole different expectation of the built-up quality of the condominium's interior especially when one invested into it. We expect everything built in it to be of the highest quality. From stainless steel appliances to granite countertops, to quality ironmongeries and so much more. To top it off, most of the settings are made to be exquisite and charming. One glance in the apartment, you know you've seen similar elements that you'd find in world-class hotels. Let's take Tropicana Grande Condominium as an example. Every unit in it is accompanied with a a full-height glass façade, allowing residences to enjoy the breathtaking view of the golf course. To top it off, every master bedroom comes with a resort-styled bathroom with Jacuzzi, fit for a king. In short, most luxury condominiums are designed just for your comfort and ease.

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Sometimes, big is not all great. Especially when it comes to cleaning and up-keeping, Luxury condos are sized perfectly, be it for a single person or a family, depending on the pick. The home does not feel too cramped, nor too spacious. With it's cozy setting and stylish light fixtures, one will call it home.

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As compared to other complexes, most are exposed to noises, be it from neighbours or outside. Most luxury condominiums are built in a way to reduce noise with double-paned glass on windows and are better insulated.

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Internet is a vital tool in today's life. However, within certain vicinities there is no internet access. Most luxury condominiums are high speed broadband ready for everyday-usage, promising excellent quality internet connection at all times once the network is set up.