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Thanks Vulcan Post for the amazing write-up!!!

Come and read what Vulcan Post wrote about us :)  -


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Good job.... The PropSocial Team

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Ur website is NOT USER FRIENDLY!!

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How so? I find it the most user friendly among all other property portals! And they provide honest reviews as well!

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I think there is still room for improvement in the areas of:

1.Location Database

2.Genuine Seller / Buyer info

3.Viral Marketing of the product Advertised

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@aisyahaksa - Thank you for your feedback. If you could share with us on which part of the website you were having trouble navigating, that would be a great help for us to improve on.

@ed_1683 - Thank you for the constructive feedback. Truly appreciate it. We are definitely trying our level best to improve our website from time to time. Therefore, your feedback does help :) Referring to your feedback....

1. Location Database - We believe we have almost all the locations in Malaysia, especially KL and Selangor. We are now trying to improve on locations in other states. Do you actually mean the smaller locations under main locations such as Klang, Cheras, KLCC, Ampang, Damansara Jaya, etc?

2. Genuine Seller / Buyer info - Do you mean the 'Manage Leads' for agents? If yes, we have a team who verifies all details of buyers and sellers before putting them up for the agents. 

3. Viral Marketing of the product Advertised - Yes, we are definitely trying to improve on our brand awareness and venturing into more marketing solutions.

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for the UI part, I have some comment, always ensure that you are using the latest web browser, be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer (just to name a few famous one)

If you are still running on Internet Explorer 6 and below or firefox 4 

then sorry to say certain functionality within this website will not operate properly.

Same goes to your mobile phone, always ensure that your web browser (chrome, safari, dolphin) is up to date. There are many user that like to use Google in iPhone (the App name Google) this is a scale down version of google web browser chrome for iphone, and not everything will work in google for iPhone. Always use Safari or Chrome or other browser that provide updates from time to time.

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Woooo dolphin is a cute name for a browser!

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@zara_yeow the browser is also quite powerful.... the Android version lah... not an iPhone fan... so never like to use iPhone...

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@admin_ps thank you for good sharing