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Homes will always grow and evolve aesthetically. Whether your living area or entire home differs in size, room space and décor, there are trends that are worth following for a whole year ahead. Modern or traditional and cosy, there are definitely some home styles here that can be created for specific rooms or even the whole house.

If you’re planning to renovate your home and live a more trendy lifestyle this year, try out some of these chic home designs that will perk up your house and wow your visitors!

Ditch Tech, Add Colour

Technology and electronics are a big part of everyone’s lives, but in current times it is strongly advised that we live our lives in the present instead of in our gadgets.

One of the strongest trends that everyone should be following this year is the gadget-less drift that encourages more family time instead of TV time. Did you know that your living room can look awesome in its simplicity?

So remove those gadgets and add nature into your living room!

Other great decor to add to your living area could be small chandeliers and artisan or vintage goods for a livelier look. Looking to brighten up your living space instead? Add in some wooden sculptures and abstract paintings for a room full of contrasting yet complementing colours instantly!

Large Tiles, Fresh & Raw Materials

Subtlety is overrated and overstated-ness is the new in. If you’re looking to renovate your home this year and the kitchen is your family’s favourite gathering place, try mixing and matching the styles and colours of your kitchen cabinets.

If you want to take things one step further, colour coordinate and use mixed metallic colours with coloured stainless steel appliances. To give an illusion of an enlarged kitchen space, use extra large tiles or bright wallpaper for your kitchen.

Mix natural material with more contemporary furnishings to your brand new kitchen, and add in raw materials such as fresh flowers and dry ingredients in see-through containers for a cosy feel.

Get colourful fabrics, sheets & paintings

Bedrooms are meant for restful nights and a good night’s sleep will do wonders for your health and beauty!

Trending colours for the bedrooms are grey and neutral tones such as beige, brown and dark blue. Make your bedroom your retreat zone with dark wall shades and rustic wooden walls, floors and ceilings to warm things up.

If you have a more artistic side and want to make your bedroom a scream, throw in a few colourful graphic pillows with striking designs and decorate your walls with colourful fabric wall art to lighten up your room!

Otherwise if black and white tones are your cup of tea, put up some wall art to give splashes of colour to your wall and see how it transforms your room! Replace boring one-tone day curtains or couch linen covers with patterned fabrics to give your room more eye-popping colours.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

What’s the best thing to do after a long day? Lounge on a comfortable chair and take a hot shower – in the same space, of course!

Put in bright geometric tiles in your shower space for easy maintenance. It is fairly common that bathrooms nowadays have either a shower and or a bathtub in the same area with a couch near it, and if your bathroom is big enough, why not! Bring in those fresh flowers from the kitchen and living room to freshen up the whole space!

Another thing to ditch is medicine cabinets. Say goodbye to medicine cabinets and hello to statement bathroom mirrors! Mirrors create an illusion of bigger space, and where else better to put them other than in the bathroom?

The current house styles and trends of 2016 is all about using natural lighting, raw materials, combining neutral and contrasting colours and maximising the space on empty walls. So raise your hand if you think that it is time to change the look of your living space! Or check out this space for more home decor ideas!

However, if you want to leave it to the professionals or get some Interior Design advise, contact Pocket Square Design here and check out some of their cool work!


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DIY on home decoration/refurbishment is a very good hobby. Save cost and great saticfaction...

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DIY takes time and mostly used up all your free time in it. Agree in what you say PNK. We have to sacrifice the time for the money saved.

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I have to agree its very time consuming, but the satisfaction that comes after it is totally worth every second spent. *That is if all the DIY work turns out good* hahaha

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Yeap. Agreed. But sometimes we learn form mistakes. Sometime things don't turn out the way they suppose to be.

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@admin_ps good sharing

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All these trends are still there nowadays.

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My son wants his bedroom painted black and I am against it. I prefer bright and cheerful environment. sigh!