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In relation to an earlier article released by PropSocial that you can read about here, this is another article to further help our readers recognise what type of agent they are dealing with when buying a property. Most often these are the six types of agents that you will come across when buying a home, which you will have no idea how they differ.

Tip: In as deceiving as the name sounds, a Probationary Estate Agent (PEA) is an individual who has undergone many exams and not necessarily have passed. They are amongst the most elite of Real Estate Agents with the most experience and qualifications.

i. Registered Valuers (V)

A Valuer is able to do valuation, property management and estate agency. His/ her registration number with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents (BOVAEA) is denoted by V followed by a few digits.

In the exercise of his professional practice, the registered valuer is bound by various guidelines and practice directions issued by the Board such as the Manual of Valuation Standards.

ii. Registered Appraisers (A)

Appraisers are registered under Part V of the Act because of their long experience and earlier registration under the various Appraisers Acts. Appraisers can, and are allowed to, practise valuation and property management but unlike the Valuers they are restricted in practise by geographical areas and value. An Appraiser’s registration number with BOVAEA is denoted by A followed by a few digits.

Under section 20 of Act 242, there are restrictions imposed on registered appraisers such as being subject to a total capital value and restriction of practice to a particular State/ States. The Valuers however are not subject to the same restrictions.

iii. Registered Estate Agents (E)

Only those who are registered under the Board can act as Estate Agents. They provide a service in buying, selling, leasing properties for clients so that, optimum returns can be achieved. An estate agent’s registration number with BOVAEA is denoted by E followed by a few digits.

iv. Probationary Valuers (PV)

These are those who have passed the initial Examinations and have now formally registered with BOVAEA to sit for further examination – Test of Professional Competence (TPC) for Valuers. A Probationary Valuer’s registration number with BOVAEA is denoted by PV followed by a few digits.

v. Probationary Estate Agents (PEA)

These are those who have passed the Written Estate Agents Examination Part I and II and have now formally registered with BOVAEA to sit for further examination – Test of Professional Competence (TPC) for Estate Agents. A Probationary Estate Agent’s registration number with the BOVAEA is denoted by PEA followed by a few digits.

vi. Negotiators

A negotiator as defined by the MEAS is a person who is either employed or engaged on a ‘contract of service’ or on ‘a contract for service’ by a firm to list and market properties and shall always be under the immediate direction and supervision of an estate agent. By this it means that a negotiator cannot work independently and must be always under the supervision of an estate agent.

Currently, it is mandatory for anyone who wishes to become a negotiator to undertake the 2 Day Negotiator Certification Course (NCC), which is an intensive two day training course. This is a prerequisite to formal registration as a negotiator with BOVAEA where one will be given a tag together with a REN Number - REN follow by 5 digits.


This article is a neat summary of different property agent titles there are in the real estate market. We hope that this clears up any confusion that any of you might have. Happy property buying!


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It's really good to know the differences !

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Very informative article! Did not know there is so much difference between them!

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This is how to become a Registered Estate Agent.

Registered Estate Agents must go through 4 years of study i.e. having to have passed Part 1, Part 2 comprising 12 papers and undergo two years of practical training before sitting for the test of professional competence exam after which they are registered with the Board and as such only registered real estate agents as specified in section 22C of the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Act can act as agents in selling, purchasing, letting or renting of any properties.

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The punishment for those found guilty under Section 30 of the Act is liable to a fine not exceeding RM 300,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both. (Illegal estate agent)

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Illegal estate agents aka brokers 

but based on case study majority that got fined would be those "real estate agent that is attached to agency without REN number" rather than illegal brokers

Kate chew small

I heard that quite a number of property agents without REN No. who published their advertisements online have already gotten fined by the authority, is that true? What's the penalty like?

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Next time if I come across any agents, I will remember to open this article page, and ask them, "which are you?'

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Render quality service, honest, sacrifice to your clients. 

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As registered REN, we need to ensure we provide professional services, on illegal agent issues, I hope relevant authority to enforce it in order to protect interest of registered agent so that the Real Estate industry can stay healthier.

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Thanks for the information.

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Good info, we should really know who are we dealing with when buying a property!

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Was just advertise online for my rented property and many so called agent call in to recommend for tenant that are either Aftican & from Middle East even though i already mentioned only for local Malaysian. Worst thing is the tenant don't even view the property picture before and the agent said they are interested. Ridiculous unprofessional negotiator out there just wanted easy money. Especially those recently set up with chinese name in and located in Cheras area. That is why i really refuse to engage an agent. If they are professional and good service, i really do not mind to pay it. 

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@propertyX & @imronaldsoo, although there is penalty for property agents with no REN no. but there are still so many of them around and I doubt most of them are being penalised. Is it because MIEA don't really enforce or take necessary actions?

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Hayden@HJ, the regulatory body is the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia (BOV) and their official website is whilst their publicity website is

It is a government body created by the Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Act 1981 and it enforces the Act, the  Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Rules 1986 and standards set by it. Only the BOV can enforce the act and rules, not MIEA (Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents) but the powers of arrest lies with the police whilst the prosecution powers lies with the AG.

The RENs working for registered firms without REN numbers are regularly being hauled up by the BOV but the BOV only acts when there is a report lodged. Please do lodge reports if you do see such persons.

MIEA takes care of the well being of it's members, namely the Registered Estate Agents, Registered Probationary Estate Agents and Registered Real Estate Negotiators and the public via education and can only help to report a wrongdoing.


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Pinkroselle@pinkroselle, it is preferred, under the Malaysian Estate Agency Standards (MEAS) set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia (BOV), that you give a written instruction.

This is because verbal instructions or short messaging can be misconstrued or misplaced or forgotten because we are only human. 

A written instruction, basically, will be recorded proper and kept.

Also, RENs now need to be certified before they can be in the industry via a two-day course at the moment and a half day Continuing Development Programme (CDP) conducted by the BOV for renewals of the REN tags.

Of course, we do understand that their are still some bad hats around, hence, do report them to the BOV for action.

A report by the public is better than a report lodged by fellow practitioners as the aggrieved party may be thinking that the other practitioner is trying to kill off their business.

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Wow, Sr Victor Huang, very detailed explanation! :-)

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What is the difference between Valuer and Appraiser?

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Hi, PNK.

"Appraisers are registered under Part V of the Act because of their long experience and earlier registration under the various Appraisers Acts. Appraisers can, and are allowed to, practise valuation and property management but unlike the Valuers they are restricted in practise by geographical areas and value."

Excerpt from the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia's website.


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Hi Kate Chew,

You're welcome.

If all the registered persons follow the Act, Rules, Standards & circulars from the Board, the practise would be one of the best profession in Malaysia.

These laws, by-laws, practise notes are not exactly rigid, hence, it is quite easy to practise estate agency.

for example, in the Standard, it is mentioned that we can only collect our fees when all conditions in the sale are made, i.e. sales that requires state consent. However, it also provides some leeway for the agency to collect some form of fee, pre-agreed between the client and the agency involved. This must be agreed earlier for properties that requires state consent or with certain conditions in the SPA that is to be met by both parties.

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Good to know, Thanks

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Dear Seau Shan

You're welcome.

Just a note to the editor, the RENs will need to attend a half day Continuing Development Programme (CDP) conducted directly by the Board to renew their registration annually from this year onwards.


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@hua, so in short appraisers are more experienced and not restricted to geographical areas lah?

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Zara_Yeow,  the Appraisers were earlier registered under the various Appraisers Acts and is restricted in terms of geographical areas.

Valuers are not restricted and is covered under the current Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents 1981.

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My opinion, Realty agents can shove those license up their a**. They are nothing but order takers to me. No difference from those counter order takers of fast food joint like KFC, McDonald, Burger King etc. 

Agents are more likely to help buyer to buy property than help seller to sell property and demand 3% commission from seller. (Is this sounds fair to anyone of you?)

Doesn't even know how to convince buyer to buy. They would wait for buyer's response like "Ok, I take this property out of 20 properties we have viewed".

Couldn't propose ideas for seller to sell property. At this point, they are numb like mannequin.

I have ZERO respect for any of them.

So please try to learn the art of selling before even try to sell a stick of bubble gum to a kid. Morons.

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No "Order Takers" comment on my remarks? They kept emphasize about their license agent as if they have "Datuk" tilte from Agong. Eat shit!!

Came last in sport competition and demand gold medal. RUBBISH!!!!!!

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@waikloo I am very sorry about your encounter... probably you have yet to meet someone that is up to your expectation...

just my 2 cents: not all agent are asking for 3% in fact there are some owner that only give me 1% and ask me to take it or leave it, so my end day is that... why would i want to take 1% and do all the work?

I recall i even rented out an apartment in puchong for RM800 ringgit whereby I have to do all the house cleaning, and wash the balcony plus the kitchen and not to mentioned mop the whole floor before having my tenant to view the unit. 

there are also instances whereby myself and my other agent frend just doing a favor for my owner that I supervise installation of aircond, water heater, grill and so on which take us more than 3 business days on site for just RM 1600 rental commission. 

And to be frank not all agent / REN are order takers, I will walk off from a deal if i sense that the owner or tenant is not in good faith. There are also cases whereby owner undercut my comm and I did not make a big fuss out of it, because I always believe what goes around comes around. 

Hopefully you are able to find or meet some good one in near future :)

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@imronaldsoo Please enlighten me, what's so grand about those license when they knows jack shit about selling? Or convincing buyer? And turned my house into show house for whole world to see?

Is there somewhere i can make complain about the license matter?

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Hi Wai Loo, 

Hope that you are well.. 

Without a proper license, those that transacted on your behalf would be considered as illegal brokers.  (like all business even in the insurance industry, you can sell an insurance unless you are an agent attached to the agency) so a license is just something that grant them the ability to sell. 

In any situation you can perform a search on their mobile phone number on their business card at: to see if they are really a REN license holder.

There are various complaint channel... you can visit the agents office and talk to the principal holder and have them to resolve your issue, and if really that issue cannot be resolved then you can bring this matter up to the The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (

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Thanks Ronald Soo for the link. There are few agents that i find suspicious to me. They pretend to be agent but they could be burglar to check out what's in the house to mark for target.

I have checked the link and they are not listed.

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Hi Wai Loo,

If you use the lppeh link and key in the phone number based on their business card but could not locate them, high chances they are no longer working in the agency or secondly they do not have a REN tag.... 

Suggest you can check with the their agency office or just write to the board and have them to check for you..

There are cases whereby theft / burglar pretend to be buyer or tenant...  and most of them will tell you "I am at your place now, can you come over immediately, I want to see" 

If you find something not right, please ignore them. "If something is too good to be true, it might not be true at the end of the day"

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Good tip. So far, none like that.

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Imagine living in 1sqft area with 3 bedroom as posted by a "Probationary" agent. Can someone please teach her to open her eyes.

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Or try to use "Brain" if there is one.

Screen shot 2016 01 21 at 8.27.17 pm small

@waikloo I suppose she needs eye to details.

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@waikloo, sounds like you really had a very bad experience with some property agents :( So sorry to hear that. 

Well, I must agree sadly in Malaysia the real estate agents here, a lot of them are not very well-trained and also with the poor enforcement in Malaysia, it doesn't really help as well :(  But to be fair, NOT ALL real estate agents are like that. There are still a hand full which I've met before who are quite professional and responsible. 

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Hi, it could just a be a typo or a rush job that can be rectified if she checks or her office checks. This one, just a phone call will do.

Like any reports to any government agencies, if there is no report from the public, then there is no action taken by the authorities.

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@veron, i know not all agents are alike. So word of advice to Agents. Before emphasizing realty license as if it's a "Datuk" title and charge premium commission, prove to seller what can you do. Not "BULLSHIT" talk but actually doing it. Rapid posting ads is not an "Impressive" solution and claim that's the best effort. Rubbish. Any idiots can do what you can do. Learn some self improvement about selling.

P  9b59b6 small

Hi, I think most of us who deal with agent before have some bad experience that is why we sound our frustration here. But please please limit to more respectful wording.  Please do not use those "Idi** / Sh** / Bullsh** & etc" words as I agreed there are some good agent out there in the market too. 

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good info

Img 5409 small

@propertyX How to register for REA exam? cannot find any link in the website.

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Informative article. So I guess Brokers are not regulated nor registered with any body out there. Need to be extra cautious with them.

James bond craig junio2006 small

Nic Ngoi, if I'm not mistaken have to be registered with an agency in order to proceed with the exam. I think. 

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Yes, I have read somewhere where agencies only have a fixed amount of license for property agents. 

Kate chew small

Yup, 30 license per agency

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What happens when an Agency runs out of license beyond 30? They can become assistants to the licensed REN?

Kate chew small

Well, legally, small scale agency is supposed to only have 30 agents under them. BUT these days, agencies will not settle for just 30. So the rest will be unregistered. Some will use excuses such as 'still waiting for REN license'. 

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No wonder i see a lot of so-called REN representatives who do not state their REN numbers on their name cards.

It is something which i would proudly announce to everyone if i have an official REN#.

Img 20201009 162306 small

It's always safer to go through a negotiator with a REN tag vs a "broker" with none. If anything goes wrong, any disputes between owners/tenants/buyers, any worries on "agents/negotiators" running away with still have the agency to fall back on. The likelihood of a REN tag negotiator running away with your money is very very slim as they are registered for the public to check on .

Other than that, usually REN tag holders are proper full timers who can provide you with better service and industry knowledge. They are committed to the job, unlike  part timers who are trying out in the industry (testing waters) but are not committed. Usually agencies do not like to apply Rentag for people like that as some of them might quit after half a year or less.

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Agree to engage with the professional full-timers who have a REN tag... compared to brokers who might not be reachable if they decide to MIA when you need them the most!

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& so it shall be, i proudly announce that im a REN & my hubby an E..    ahhaahhaa..nice ring to that !

James bond craig junio2006 small

Hi May, nice to meet you :) Which agency are you representing? Do you do newly launched properties?

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Do you handle properties in Johor?

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing

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Can you give an example?

Profilepic small

Hi I m looking for a terrace unit 4-5 rooms minimum for rental to be converted as a Nursing home for elderly people. Preferred location - Sentul, Ipoh Road, Selayang and Kepong. Tenuure - 10 years. contact me at 0193385894.

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@mariea_selan Hi Mariea, you may post your property requirement HERE and we will get someone to assist you!

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Basically there are only two types of agents legally conducting sales and renting of properties. The registered estate agents with an E number and registered negotiators with a REN number who are under the supervision of a registered estate agent.      

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Hi Madam Mariea Selan ,

I am  MdGuna from square feet real estate, i hava a few units that area

 can WhatsApp at 0128855075