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Not sure whether you all come across any dog friendly hotel or home stay places that you could recommend?

I always have this dilemma whereby I wanted to plan a short trip to somewhere in Malaysia but I cant bring my dog along, leaving him in a pet hotel would end up spending more money on his medical bill than my short trip. 


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I would definitely pay a visit with my furkid if anyone has an answer to this topic. All I know is it's quite common over in the UK, but sadly not in Malaysia :(

Recently I just found a new dog park. It's in Setia Alam, just Waze 'Setia Alam dog park'. It's mainly for the residence there. What I like about it is that it's fenced up, unlike the one in One Utama where it's not fenced and your dog might run out to the main road. But what I don't like about this Setia Alam dog park is that it's very extremely small, I think about 1/4 of the One Utama one, but serves its purpose. There's a shower place for your dog too and water pond. 

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My friend told me Asli Farm Resort in Semenyih is pet friendly...

but i personally had yet to check this place out...

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there is also another one in Cherating, Kuantan let me try to find out... as i will be bringing my furkid back to hometown soon

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@imronaldsoo good sharing