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Will micro apartments be the next big thing in Malaysia? Check out these awesome videos. You might be able to get some ideas on how to take your small apartment or condo to a whole new level!

Micro Apartment 1

Micro Apartment 2 

Micro Apartment 3

Micro Apartment 4

Micro Apartment 5

Micro Apartment 6

Micro Apartment 7

Micro Apartment 8


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WOW it"s awesomeeee

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I like it !! simply Awesome!

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Very impressive and practical. I don't mind a small cosy place like this. It's sometimes not about the size (provided you don't have children), small property can be quite cosy and homey too :)

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This is so cool !! 

Own dp small

Yea, great idea for the small studios , sohos and sofos

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Great idea, like it !

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Impressive, but lots of renovation works are required beforehand.

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I guess there might not be that much of a demand for this kind of Micro Apartments' interior design over here in Malaysia. Reason? Because we don't have scarcity of land issues like Hong Kong or Singapore here in Malaysia. In fact a lot of Malaysians I know, like big spaces at least 800sf and above. Very rarely people are willing to buy or stay in 400 - 500sf place. Most of the apartments here are at least about 700 - 900sf and above. 

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at first glance pretty feasible, but i doubt the price.

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Although what we see through this is convenient yet save space but there's a pricetag behind all this ID. It's nice in a sense but basically malaysia's property is getting smaller and smaller make it as if we live in Hong Kong

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I thought we already have enough "pigeon holes" ... it is going to be even smaller "micro"?? 

I like the space-saving solutions in the videos. Can apply them in our rooms.

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@ppnnkk2011, well our 'pigeon holes' are not as bad as those in Hong Kong or Singapore or countries with limited land. Still not too bad. 

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my 2 cents: though it looks nice, but it is not practical for Malaysia as the weather is hot and humid, not to mentioned maintenance of those wood products... (and if you are renting out to tenant, 2 years down the road you will have to redo the whole place all over again - as not everybody would have the luxury of time to take care of your property)

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Some minimalistic ppl will like this concept, though the designs should not to be too complicated.

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@admin_ps good sharing