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How most of us decide on a home is a practical process – we work out a budget, settle on a location, consider the amenities and shop around till we find, THE ONE. But some of us still enjoy getting “alternative feedback” by interpreting numerology, Chinese Zodiac, Feng Shui, and astrology.

So in that spirit, we took to the stars, or rather star signs to help you narrow down the perfect home in terms of style, size, design, location and the like, all according to your birthdate!

*Do note that this list is all in the name of entertainment and fun, so proceed with a grain of salt.*

How to Find Your Zodiac Star

There are 12 signs of the western zodiac, each corresponding to the month and day of your birth. Note that you do not have to consider your year of birth like you would the Chinese Zodiac. Follow this chart to find your individual sign:

For example, if you were born on the 15th of April, you are an Aries.

Now that you know your star sign, it’s time to find out what your horoscope says about your property cravings:

1. Aquarius

No one appreciates the beauty of water more than these folks! This is because Aquarius people are known to be the water babies of the zodiac, longing for calming views of water villas and lakefront residences. They might even spring for a holiday beach home, since it represents their perfect vacation spot. Aquarians looking to stay close to healing waters might like Lakeville Residence, Jalan Ipoh; By the Sea, Batu Ferringhi ; and Lakefront Residences, Cyberjaya.

2. Pisces

Being creative and unconventional, Pisceans enjoy expansive areas that allow them to define and design their own spaces. They do enjoy practical settings though, and might not care much for unessential fittings in the home. Being in charge of design for chic lofts or homes with open layouts in the style of The Loft, Setapak; Dumalis, 16 Sierra ; and My Diva Homes, Cyberjaya is sure to suit them well.

3. Aries

As the resident minimalist on the list, the Aries-born are never ones to hoard unnecessary furniture, clothes and knickknacks. Thus, their space needs are hardly excessive or extravagant, rather, perfectly fitted. Studio apartments will work well for singles under this star with SoHo apartments being an even better option for entrepreneurs. Aries folk might like Studio Fourteen, Shah Alam; Hyve, Cyberjaya; and EVO SoHo Suites, Bangi.

4. Taurus

Taurus-born people are quite the opposite, they need more space! But it’s not because they are extravagant, they just like having people over! Yes, hosting parties and get-togethers are always on the minds of these family-oriented stars. Properties with large gardens, open concepts and more bedrooms will charm them greatly. Taureans should take a look at The Enclave, Ipoh ; Kota Kemuning Hills, Shah Alam; and Kinrara Hills, Puchong.

5. Gemini

Those born under this star sign have the strength of being easily adaptable. So in theory, any home will eventually work for them. However, since they are also energetic and enthusiastic, a home that truly delights their fast-paced nature is one close to the city and social scene. For this, they might take a liking to K Residence, KLCC ; Verve Suites, Mont Kiara; and The Veo, Kuala Lumpur.

6. Cancer

Sensitive and gentle Cancerians retreat to their homes, just like crabs back to their shells. Thus, properties that are serene, protected and comforting will reflect their imaginative shells quite nicely. They may also be open to moving further from the city, away from the hustle and bustle, closer to quiet living. Places like The Elements, Ampang Hilir ; Mirage by the Lake, Cyberjaya; and Aurora Residence, Puchong might get the attention of these homely creatures.

7. Leo

Known as the king of the jungle, Leos are also kings of their home castles. These everyday noble people look good flaunting lavish, luxurious homes in high-end neighbourhoods. Check out properties that will dazzle and impress peers like bungalows, upscale townhouses and upmarket condos. Here are a few amazing places that may be a royal match for Leo the Lion: Verticas Residency, Bukit Ceylon; Tribeca, Bukit Bintang; and VERGE32, Taman Melawati.

8. Virgo

You can certainly expect those born under this sign to take pride in their homes! They are the types who consistently upkeep and improve by painting, landscaping and decorating with distinctive décor. They are also natural collectors who often need extra space to store and showcase all their precious finds. Here are a few spacious homes to enchant the Virgo-born: The Light Collection IV, Penang; Anggun 3, Rawang; and Sejati Residences, Cyberjaya.

9. Libra

All about balance, Libran guys and gals see that everything has its own space. This means that while they can make the most of any home, no matter the size, its design needs to be impeccable and of high quality. They’re also more likely to seek out high-rise buildings that let in abundant sunshine and are located in more posh neighbourhoods or city areas. Librans may consider owning properties like DeSkye Residence ; Astoria, Ampang Hilir; and Serai, Bangsar.

10. Scorpio

As the more artsy fellows of the zodiac, Scorpios appreciate uniquely-designed architecture, uncommon colour schemes and low-density properties. Being located closer to metropolitan areas is a great way to feed their need for arts, culture and music. Scorpios may enjoy dwelling in Kiaraville, Mont Kiara; Pavilion Residences, Bukit Bintang ; and Three28 Tun Razak.

11. Sagittarius

Naturally sporty and active, Sagittarians love properties that come with access to swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts or jogging tracks to accommodate their desire for a healthy lifestyle. Alternatively, being close to public parks and recreational zones could spur their interests as weekends spent outdoors sound like perfection to them. Sagittarians may fancy living at Radia Residences, Bukit Jelutong ;The Rainz, Bukit Jalil; and BSP Skypark, Jenjarom.

12. Capricorn

Being the most practical sign of the zodiac means that no-frills, basic lodgings will work just fine! Forget about excessive space and unnecessary features – Capricorns would rather own several homes, all modest of course! Traditional designs are preferred over artistic architecture and first-rate workmanship is a must. Properties that might appeal to hearts of Capricorns are Citra Hill 2, Mantin; Kanvas, Cyberjaya ; and Puncak Bestari, Kuala Lumpur.

Again, this list is all in good fun, but we are curious to find out what you think of these horoscope home ideas? Let us know in the comment section!

(Written by: Desiree Nair, 20th July 2016)


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Not quite agree with the signs. Lolz. Doesn't work out for me. =(

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Libra need space and that is landed property go first.

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I would normally use Xuan Kong Flying Star to study the property to perform matching to my BaZi...

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