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With the advent of smartphones, fast internet connectivity and software development technologies, mankind has entered into an age of digital accessibility and convenience. Everything we need is at the touch of our fingertips, where news, information and communication are quick, accessible and easy to discern; and with today’s technology, the same could be expected of the places that we live in. In lieu of this, new products were, and are still currently being developed to transform ordinary homes into smart homes.

‘Smart home’ is a term used to describe a house that utilizes technology to assist or ease everyday tasks around the house. This could range from automated systems, such as automatic lights or temperature controllers to remote controlled systems such as remote security monitors or coffee dispensers. This list shall showcase 7 gadgets that are making waves in the industry and how it transforms your home into a smart home.

1. NuBryte

NuBryte is a smart home controlling system that helps maintain certain aspects of your home whilst providing essential information and communication tools at the touch of your fingertips. This system replaces your standard wall switches with a intuitive device with a host of features packed into it. NuBryte is able to automate your lights to turn on and off when it detects someone, sound an alarm and flash the house lights if it detects someone whilst the security system is activated, provide weather updates and has an integrated family planner/calendar and intercom system, this little device is really packed with a whole lot of features in helping you control your home from the convenience of one ergonomically designed touch panel.


2. Stack

Stack is a intuitive lighting solution for the home. Using an app to connect to the light bulbs, you could use your smartphone to control and adjust the settings for the lights. Stack also features innovations such as Circadian Lighting in which it adjusts the light colour in accordance to the time of day. It also has built-in sensors to turn on and off automatically if it detects someone, or to dim and brighten depending on the amount of natural light available in the vicinity, helping to reduce electricity costs. This smart gadget will take away the need for a light switch and to manually dim or brighten a room, allowing for energy-savings, safety and convenience.


3. iSmart Alarm

iSmart Alarm is an innovative DIY home security system that utilizes wireless connectivity to give you an all round security system with remote accessibility. Utilizing an app, this security system allows you to monitor your home from wherever you are as well as to arm and disarm the system. It also features an alert system where it will contact you via your smartphone should it detect anything amiss. With no installation fees, annual contracts or even wiring, this security solution brings safety and accessibility without the headaches of renovation costs or monthly commitments.

iSmart Alarm:

4. August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is an automated door lock that transforms your smart-phone into your home keys. Connected via an app, this innovative lock automatically locks your door when you leave, and unlocks when you arrive. It also sports additional features such as creating virtual keys for family members, granting temporary access to visitors (additional accessory required) and even viewing an activity log of who has been in and out of the house. This handy little device will make misplacing keys and rushing home to open the doors for a visitor a thing of the past.

August Smart Lock:

5. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat is an intuitive device that controls the temperature of your home. Connected to your smart-phone, this device enables owners to adjust their home temperature to their personal preferences, to which the device will intelligently manipulate the house climate control system to reach optimum settings. It even has the capabilities to learn and understand your temperature preferences at which time of the day and will adjust accordingly. The device can even detect when you leave the house and switch off automatically, and switch back on when you return. It will even show you how much energy you are consuming and how to save more, making this an eco-friendly device for your home.

Nest Thermostat:

6. Samsung Family Hub

The Family Hub refrigerator by Samsung is basically a refrigerator with an internet connected screen on the door. Now, besides keeping your food fresh, this refrigerator has a host of functions such as a calendar for the family to keep track of their schedules, sticky notes to leave messages and the ability to stream music. The apps on the fridge even enable it to help you search for recipes, do your grocery shopping online and even view what’s inside the fridge from anywhere thanks to it’s built in cameras. With all these features and more, this device may just turn into your family’s next favourite piece of furniture.

Samsung Family Hub:

7. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is an amazing device that allows you to control your smart-home with your voice. A hands-free speaker connected to a voice-activated service code-named Alexa. Able to perform a variety of commands from estimating your travel time to ordering a pizza, this nifty little device is also able to control most other smart-house gadgets with compatibility updates for others being developed. It seems that Siri and Cortana are going to have some serious competition.

Amazon Echo:

With today’s hectic lifestyle, sometimes completing household chores can be a real drag, but with the advent of smart technology it becomes possible to utilize technology to make things more convenient. The ability to control multiple facets of your home from anywhere with your smartphone could also help minimize energy consumption and create a more efficient environment. Whilst still in the development stage, it seems that the advent of smart homes is a new industry which is seeing significant progress with real world applications. Although there is a host of other smart home technologies already making its way into the market, this list of 7 are the ones making the largest impact in the industry. 

(Written by: Patric Kuah, 26th July 2016)


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Really modern and high tech... some of them i never even heard of.

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awesome and high tech

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Wow, Wonder what's the pricetag behind. =). Cool to have all these. Too high tech for me.

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I like the August Smart Lock! 

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This is so cool!!!! Are they even available in Malaysia? 

I don't mind having them 6. Samsung Family Hub and 7. Amazon Echo. How cool's that!!!

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not many items are available for sale in malaysia :(

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Even if it is available in Malaysia, I bet it cost a bomb!

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It is good is author can put the retail price there, so we will get some ideas how much it cost to get such advance items.

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I think I have checked with August Smart Lock before and they just replied me with they have no short term plan to export to Malaysia. :(

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Malaysia market is so small and not everybody want to install their smart lock or can afford to install their smart lock i am guessing

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I am soooo attracted to the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator! So sexy!!!!

Otherwise, I don't mind having Stack, the intuitive lightings as well. 

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Cool. Awesome. May try out soon. 

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Great sharing.  Interesting to read of such gadgets.

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