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That clean Scandinavian design is great, until you realise that a million other people have it and you prefer to be your own individual. Here are 10 hacks to un-IKEA your home and make it your own.

1. Turn your Raskog Utility Cart into a vanity station

I have this at home and boy is it useful. But just because it’s useful doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Turn it into a one-of-a-kind vanity station with a little bit of creativity and these simple tricks.

2. Spruce up an old coffee table

Got a plain white table lying around looking like it walked out of an Ikea store? Why not replace those legs with something a little more chic?

3. Create a tea chest

If you love tea and have a lot of it in your kitchen, get organised the Ikea way - use a shelf to store it. Un-Ikea that shelf by painting and decorating those drawers however you want.

4. Got a footstool? Turn it into a fancy pouf

Step into glorious adulthood with a DIY pouf. Simply cover up an old Ikea foot stool with some beautiful fabric and you’re ready to go.

5. Create your own work table with Ikea parts

Un-Ikea your workspace by creating your own work table and shelving. Mix and match some shelves and a table top, add in a sprinkle of your own style and voila! Your very own un-Ikea workspace.

6. Turn every surface into marble

Want to kick things up a notch? Add a little marble without breaking the bank with this step.

7. Add buttons to your Ikea sofas to make them totally un-Ikea

Have you noticed how Ikea Karlstad cushions look a little frumpy? Turn those plain couches into comfortable and stylish cushions by tufting or adding buttons to them.

8. Reward yourself with a beautiful night stand

You’ve worked hard all day. You do not deserve to lie down next to a typical Ikea night stand. Get some spray paint or add some marble to your night stand and make it look like it’s worth a million bucks.

9. Make a classy pendant lamp out of old plates and bowls

Light up your space by turning old Ikea bowls and plates into your very own pendant lamps. It’s super simple to create and no one will know it once held fruit or noodles in it.

10. Make a herb garden from an old wine bottle holder

If you have an Ikea Vurn that you no longer use, turn it into a wall-mounted herb garden where you can grow a good amount of curry leaves, coriander and anything else you want. 

(Written by: Nicole Kow, 4th August 2016)


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Very interesting ideas. Good job.

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Always love the IKEA concept

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IKEA's like my favourite hang out place :P Even their food is good!

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@admin_ps good sharing