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There is never a good time to buy a property no matter how much you read and study the market, as sometimes you need to just take the leap. Coming from an experienced property investor who just decided to take the leap of faith, Anon tells her story.

Anon first bought her first 700 sf apartment investment property in 2002 on the island of Penang, and later bought her second one three years later; a 1,258 sf condominium. Around the same time she was buying her properties, a good friend of hers was advising her against it, and telling her that the market was bad, that a financial crisis is predicted to happen every 10 to 12 years.

True enough a crisis did happen, but what goes up must come down - and what comes down will go up. So Anon made a tidy profit from her property investments when the market started booming again. Hence using the profits, she continued to invest in the property market, realising that instead of dragging her down, her properties were helping to keep her afloat at times where others were drowning.

One day a few years down the line she met up with the very same friend who advised her against buying the properties - the friend who is a senior manager of an MNC company and earning large sums of money. Again he lamented about the property market, that the Penang market was getting too hot. He told her that he would buy a property only after the craze had died down. Naturally, Anon attempted to sway him, telling him to get a unit before playing the waiting game.

Again her friend rejected her advice, insisting that the market was ‘not good’. It is now 10 years down the line, and her friend is still saving, parking his money in ‘safer’ investments and waiting for the ‘right’ time to buy a property. He still earns more than Anon and he still lives in the same 700 sf apartment.

Unfortunately, Anon’s friend’s case is atypical of the current generation. Too many people nowadays keep waiting for the ‘right’ time to buy a property, never realising that the best time to have bought a property was 20 years ago, and the next best time is today.

Anon believes that property investment should begin when one is financially ready and have viewed more than enough properties to be subjective - and that the second property should also be bought after both criteria are fulfilled.

According to her crises can happen at all times, and there will always people out there who will be predicting the approach of a disaster. But even the most expert analyst will not know for sure if their predictions are correct until after they come true.

So when is the best time to buy a property? Set a target price, read the property news everyday (not just a week before you decide to buy a property!), view as many units as you can and set a target timeframe of when you will buy your first property. As the saying goes, Bon Voyage!

(Reference: http://propertyinsight.com.my/featured-properties/the-waiting-game-is-best-played-after-we-own-something/)


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Totally agree... so long as you have the needs and it is within your budget, you should go for it. and never hope that property price will be decrease or drop .... 

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If you have money $$$ anytime is a right time! :D

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Totally agree. If you can answer the below questions, it is time to buy!                           What to Buy? Where to buy? How to buy?

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Yes...to put it short Roxette has sing it..listen to your heart~after all it's your money. 

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Absolutely right!

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For own stay, there is no right time and best time to buy. as long as the price is reasonable and the conditions & environment suit your needs.

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I totally agree with you Lee Shun Zhong. Sometimes you will come across property experts or aunties and uncles telling you not to buy because it's a bad time and giving you a life time of lecture and advice. But then again, when is it ever a good time? As long as you can afford and your heart tells you to buy what you saw that you really fell in love with, go ahead!

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Definitely my motto, buy only when ready. Of course doesnt mean buy blindly. Survey and Survey and Survey and compare then finalize

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Another thing to add... no matter when we buy, as long as we are buying a property with the help of a Bank Loan... we are ALWAYS buying the property at a higher price, how much higher price you pay depends on how long you take to repay the loan Unless you buy the property with Cash without financing, that will be a different story altogether.

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But is it really that good to buy a property in Cash? I mean the cash flow is necessary to take into account as well. 

Let's start a Pros and Cons of Cash buyer and Purchase by loan thread...lol 

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LHDN will come knocking and invite you to their office "drink coffee" if they caught you buying property in cash instead of bank loan...

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I will buy when I have the ability, and of course must survey and make sure my cash flow as well!

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leveraging on loan can help you buy more property while u got plenty of cash and strong positive cash flow. RM1 mil cash to buy a property or buy 4 unit or more worth RM1 mil with loan by putting 250k deposit each. 

first one save some interest for you, but second one stands a chance to earn higher capital gain and more cash flow in future. however, depends on yr risk appetite. no right or wrong.

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Yes agree... and remember, buy property for own stay. I don't think this is property investment.

The only difference is you do not help others repay bank loan installment, you pay your own bank loan installment instead.

As it does not generate passive income, unless you fully pay your bank loan and rent out rooms within your house/apartment.

Just my 2 cents worth of  opinion everyone.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing