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Location, location, and location- the most fundamental element that experts had stressed in their discussion of factors to consider when buying property.

The “Fundamentals of Home Ownership” forum saw an attendance of more than 100 participants eager to hear what some of the most top-ranked real estate entrepreneurs had to consider when buying a property.

The event was organised by the StarProperty.my, and was held in Shah Alam at the i-Gallery, i-City.

The forum saw presentations by Ang Chee Yong, business development director and licensed financial planner of VKA Wealth Planners, Hartanahguru.com founder, Abdul Aziz Ahmad, and Dr. Daniele Gambero, REI Group of Companies’ chief executive director.

Ang talked about the importance and benefits of diversifying how you allocate your assets while also mentioning the significance of property as an easy and accessible asset.

“Investing in property is simpler than you think, it is easy asset class to understand and your tenants pay for your mortgages.”

He advised the audience to always analyse the risks involved in different investment plans before making any decisions.

In his presentation, “How Shah Alam is connected to Greater KL”, Abdul Aziz Ahmad discussed the impact of public transportation on property, mainly touching on the extension of the LRT (Kelana Jaya and Ampang line), the development of the MRT, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), High Speed Rail and Transit-Oriented Development.

He stressed that the proximity of these forms of public transportation stations with the property is crucial.

Dr Daniele Gambero delivered his speech about the property market of Western Klang Valley and others, speaking about perception as opposed to reality and also Malaysia’s international ranking in several aspects.

“Have higher confidence in Malaysia, Malaysia really boleh,” says Gambero, encouraging the audience to view Malaysia in a positive light.

His advice to the audience was not to get emotional by ideas and always try to get facts on locations and numbers right.

Collectively, the experts had highlighted the effect of infrastructure and transportation on property, prompting participants to research wisely and also consider locations they might not have considered before, based on their future potential and development of infrastructure.

(Reference: http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2016/06/20/location-is-key-experts-share-tips-on-buying-property-at-forum/


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Tips: if u can't get a property within walking distance to an LRT station, consider those in nearby areas which is covered by the feeder bus...

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Properties within walking distance to public transportation can fetch higher for sale or rental price. But for home buyers who buy for own stay, I guess it doesn't make a very big difference, especially when they prefer to drive anyway. 

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@admin_ps good sharing