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Tenants of SS2 Mall are angry for not being compensated as promised!

Tenants crying foul as management pushes to clear premises by March 31!

“They promised to make proper arrangements and pay reasonable compensation. There were also verbal promises to exempt tenants from paying up to six months of rent,” said one tenant, Naturelite director Dr Samuel Kurian Thomas.The tenants were surprised when two months after the submission, they were notified via a written lawyer’s notice that no compensation would be paid. The rental exemption was also not fulfilled. Neary refuted the claims, saying “We never promised to offer them any form of compensation, whether written or verbal,” he said.

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You know, I happen to drive past this mall a few times but I rarely see anyone going in and out of it. In fact, I didn't know it was there until I went for a meal at Kanna Curry House! I've been wondering how long the place would last anyway.

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still now still no update what going to happen about SS2 mall, keep it? add condo on top of the mall? or...

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Erm, I thought SS2 Mall has shut down. Selling at don't know how many mill. Don't think there's anything there now, It's a failure for a mall there.

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@kate_chew good sharing