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According to Datuk Othman Aziz, the Deputy Finance Minister I, Malaysian houses which cost approximately RM165,060 each, is classified as affordable for the median Malaysian household.

The statement was made during the recent 2017 Budget focus group meeting on affordable housing, which followed the 2017 Budget consultation.

Despite the steady increase of initiatives to provide affordable housing by the Government, the current level of house-building is yet to be able to cater to that demand.

In 2014, only 21% of residential projects launched in the country were priced at RM250,000 and below.

Datuk Othman Aziz related that this was due to developers being more attracted to building higher-end properties, which are sold at prices of above RM500,000 for each unit.

According to Datuk Othman Aziz, the disparity between the pace of growth in the supply of new houses and the net increase in the number of households is evidently more apparent throughout these five years, reflecting an impairing shortfall in affordable housing supply.



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I still don't see it yet. Government has announced affordable homes for Klang Valley region but I still don't see any of it. =(

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The government seems to has set affordability standard at a cap of RM300k. Hence developers will will build their products at max value. Hence most affordable projects are at this price range (which is already hard to find at the normal market due to land cost).  

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There are actually quite a number of affordable housing, BUT apparently it's almost impossible for you to get due to the long waiting list and also the 'bias-ness' in certain races.

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Actually got a few, one of it is in Bandar Seri Coalfields, called Hibiscus. 2-sty terrace selling at around 200k, but need to apply, and the location very out of place, almost Kuala Selangor d. And I think there are many more but I can't remember.

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The problem with current affordable housing scheme, is most if not all eligible buyers are required to put down a 10% downpayment (no rebates given) which is a also a challenge for most

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@ivanyap, that's true. For example, if the property is RM200-300k, not many buyers for this scheme (due to low income) might have RM20-30k to pay for the downpayment. If he / she has that amount, I guess they might not be eligible for this anyway??? :P

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@admin_ps good sharing