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It is without a doubt that the level of crime in the country is increasing. Gated security is no longer a luxury which only high-end housing communities can afford, but has now become a necessary feature in any housing community.

Nevertheless, with patrolling security guards and strict access, thieves are still able to find their way in. Chinn Ling, a well-known make-up artist based in Klang, had to find out the hard way not to let her guard down even in a heavily guarded luxury housing estate.

According to online news portal The Coverage, Chinn Ling turned to social media to share her experience of being robbed after dropping her mother off to a wedding dinner in a gated and guarded luxury neighbourhood.

As the neighbourhood was gated and guarded with security guards patrolling the area, she thought it would be safe to park her car a slight distance away from the venue.

However, she would be proved wrong when a man appeared while she was walking towards her destination. She recalls being pushed aside and then having her backpack snatched by the man before he escaped. It took a mere 2 minutes for the ordeal to unfold.

Fortunately, Chinn Ling only suffered minor cuts and abrasions. However, she was disappointed that despite being a person who is generally alert and given all the patrolling guards, the neighbourhood security had still failed to prevent such an incident.

Chinn Ling advised fellow women to be aware and avoid being out alone at night. She also urged women to stop sitting in their cars using their phones and to go straight into the house, as they may never when and where a perpetrator may be lurking.

This incident begs the question– Are gated and guarded communities, however luxurious, safe anymore?



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I never really believe on that unless is low density, gated guarded with CCTV and guard patrol 

But still with current soft market with alot people without job and alot of foreigner worker in our country, I dont really believe safety anymore. Maybe I am too pesismistic but becareful is better than its happened

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Oh gosh! Usually gated and guarded community are quite safe. Well, at least for my area. Poor thing! Must be terrifying for her.

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@admin_ps good sharing