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Mediocrity is the product of a stagnant mind. And property advertisements in Malaysia are as monotonously uninspired as they get. For example, why must all “For Sale” signs be printed on yellow or red banners? I guess it’s the most eye-catching colours, but when 10,000 banners hang on the same building, it becomes a wallpaper instead!! While it is undeniable that unconventionality gets more attention - which in the market translates to more sales - ideas are hard to come by.

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I’d say it’s not entirely the fault of the sellers or property agents, as they are catering to their buyers based on the Malaysian norms and culture. So perhaps it is time for both buyers and sellers to develop a sense of humour and change our perspectives of how a “For Sale” sign should look like! Wouldn’t you say that these hilarious signs would get more attention?

This is what Malaysian “For Sale” signs look like:

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Take your pick of agents!

Now check out some of these saucy “For Sale” signs that has been going viral in the United States!

This is what U.S.A “For Sale” signs look like:

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Non-haunted houses for sale! Wait, what??

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Now, this is what I call a real expert!

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One of the greatest “For Sale” signs to ever hit the property market!

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Walk-in customers only.

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Really??? Isn't that obvious?

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No, thanks! Pretty sure I wouldn't want to live next to an a**hole too.

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Sure. Now all you’ve got to contend with are midnight guests!

So these are the internet’s pick on most popular viral “For Sale” signboards in the United States! Got more to share with us?? Post it below!

On a side note - Perhaps if our Malaysian “For Sale” signs look like these, property agents may find themselves getting more calls, heh? ;)

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(Written by: Diane Foo, March 2015)


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This is so funny!

I have one too!!!


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ahahahha!!! how bout this?!?


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I wonder if they'll mind me eating the chicken!!! AAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! xD
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hahah... very funny

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Lol. Westerners they are straight forward with jokes and their sales pitch. Not applicable here in Malaysia. My favourite is Marco Robinson. 

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As much as I do agree that some form of creativity is needed in our professional signboards and banners, some of this agents are shooting themselves in the foot by quoting personal issues that are not helping the sale. However, what I like is that each property has one or two authorized agent handling the sale unlike our Malaysian agents or negotiators who seems to thrive on multiple banners like "pasar malam" sale.