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I understand that DBKL do allow to keep pet dog in condo. But I just found that my newly bought condo has a clause in the DMC that pet is prohibited. Is there any way we could still move in with our pet dog, would it cause legal concern? Our dog rarely barks and have been living with us in the current condo & used to confined environment. 

Any advice is appreciated. 


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still need to depends on management though.


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it would be fine i think, for small dogs. I have kept a miniature dog in my condo and so far no complaints received

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Also depends on your neighbor... pray u dont have a crazy one that i heard before in my condo, the neighbor is just crazy and want the dog out from condo even thought there is no smell, no noise or nothing disturbance from the dog (end up the dog owner move out to her another house as Rules in condo by right not allow and have complain from crazy neighbor). More ironically, the one who complain, go get a small dog walking around in condo years later on.... 

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  Actually you can keep small pets if lets say it didnt disturb the neighbours. AND keep inside unit, not at facilities level. When you bring out must in bag/case.

According to strata act 2015, law14, if your pets caused nuisance or annoyance to other residents, you can be asked to remove your pets from the property.
BUT so far, only DBKL, MPSJ allowed pets in strata buildings : condo/high rise/ gated guarded communities. For MPPJ,MPAJ,MPKJ not allowed ya. (authorize under Strata management act 2013)
AND only restricted to small pets.