How long should a home stay relevant? Being a large investment, you would assume a home would cater to what you need for decades. However, as you and your family grow, your needs will change. Enter Tuai Timur by Suntrack Development. Tuai Timur has a clear direction, focusing on creating houses for multigenerational living. Their belief in MAGIC; Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive Community (a term coined by Dr. Bill Thomas), is predicated on the spirit of an inclusive environment. Tuai Timur is built to last as long as needed for your family and their future families. This ensures that current and future generations can live and move seamlessly in the homes, with their generational needs taken care of in the design of the home.

This single-block condominium is nestled in the vibrant township of Setia Alam near Eco Ardence. Prioritising safety and overall quality of life for multiple generations, it is a low density residential development that spans across 6.6 acres of freehold land with only 50 units per-acre. Tuai Timur houses a total of 330 units across 28 floors, with built-ups ranging from 1,109 SQ FT to 2,217 SQ FT. Each unit consists of 3 - 5 bedrooms with reachable light switches and laminated flooring, 2-4 bathrooms complemented with wheelchair-friendly turning radius, creating the perfect home for multigenerational living.

Tuai Timur anticipates its residents' needs holistically. There is attention to detail in every aspect of the development, prioritising functionality for all generations of the household. This is known as their Youniversal Design philosophy. When children play in the common areas and facilities, children can always be kept in sight with the open concept instilled by Tuai Timur. The swimming pool is designed to prioritise the safety of the residents by using steps instead of ladders. Its design is also unique in that it is raised above ground to prevent potential accidents. Lastly, fire safety measures have been taken seriously with sprinklers in every unit along with refuge areas with fire resistant walls on each floor.

Many meaningful details have been added for senior citizens and people with disabilities as well. Wheelchair access is granted throughout the condominium. Ramps and conveniences have been installed both in the common areas and in every unit. You can rest easy knowing that bathrooms have ramps and flooring made of anti-slip tiles. All Tuai Timur come with sufficient wheelchair turning radiuses in their bathrooms along with space to install handlebars should the need arise.

As new residents may be new to condo-living, many might not be aware of the implications of maintenance charges in the long run. This has been anticipated by Suntrack, resulting in a curated list of sustainable facilities with something for everyone. Tuai Timur offers something you cannot find anywhere else, with attention to detail and prioritising your long term living quality. When you’re spending time at work or at home, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe. There are more incredible details that Tuai Timur provides. To find out more call us at 011-2222 8000 / 011-2222 9000 or visit us at

(6th March 2023)