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Many said this is the worst time for property sector in the last 10 years. Many reasons - government cooling measures, difficulty in getting loan, lower disposable income, prices are too high, "wrong-match" in demand & supply, negative consumer sentiment etc etc... let's wait until 4pm today and see what the PM will announce. Is there any booster for this sector?? I'm sure there will be, as property sector is a BIG BIG multiplier to the economy. 


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Goodies mainly for 1st time buyer and more affordable housing ....

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I think alot ppl harap more on BR1M gua xD

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BR1M rise yet taxes and inflation out of control. I don't think it ease much, what falls is only KangKung and subsidies, the index can't even maintain at 1700 points, no more full study loan for kids. Close 10 hole with 5 caps, illogical.

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Terrence, we should be smiling if the KLSE index can be maintained above 1600 points....