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These VIPs are definitely rich enough to buy few houses and those wouldn't be these low cost ones and yet they still wanted to try their way through the 'back door' to obtain these houses? Police should be arresting these people and the scammers.



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"Scores of individuals, including the rich and influential, who sought to buy houses they were not entitled to, have lost substantial sums of money to four women claiming to be agents of the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Scheme (PR1MA)."

The first paragraph itself already tells you that what goes around, comes around. So they were not entitled to buy the homes, yet they still tried to buy it anyway. I know they're victims but well, serves them right, to an extent.

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i am confused, does semi detached house fall under prima housing scheme?

After meeting the four women twice, the Datin made two payments — RM5,000 on Sept 21 and RM2,000 the next day. She was convinced she had secured a sweet deal as the four women handed her application forms from Kuala Lumpur City Hall.  The payments were for the “purchase” of a semi-detached house and a town house in Ara Damansara and an apartment unit in Ampang. - See more at: http://m.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/vips-duped-in-pr1ma-housing-scam#sthash.UveyfC1B.dpuf

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No, semi-detached homes do not fall under the PR1MA housing scheme (refer to link: http://www.pr1ma.my/pr1ma_homes.php?lang=en). The official website only lists apartments and terrace houses so far. Which means the scammers were smart. They simply 'tembak' one type of property and people fell for it. Next time we should double check first before making any assumptions.