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Gathering at your annual get-togethers with your long-lost relatives, it can be quite a chore to bat off nosy aunties and uncles who constantly pressure you about marriage and children. Especially when you’re of that age.

Scenario 1: “Oh, so pretty/handsome. Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend? Don’t have one? I know just the person for you!”
Scenario 2: “So when are you getting married? You guys aren’t getting any younger, you know!”
Scenario 3: “Married for so long already, why don’t you have children yet? I want a niece/nephew!”

We’ll be honest: the cost of living is not cheap. The economic times in Malaysia are going through a roller coaster of change, with prices hiking up every other week, or month, and never dropping down. In 2016, the mean monthly household expenditure for families increased 6% compared to the previous year, and prices for raw food produce increased almost 5%, with transportation increasing at close to 16% annually.

With such a high cost of living, it’s not a wonder that many married or unmarried couples in Malaysia are delaying having children to focus on building their finances or careers instead. Coughlin reasons that delayed parenthood could stem from economic insecurities due to recession, or simply, because of student debt. In Malaysia, this translates into PTPTN and scholarship debts or obligations.

On the other hand, the prime years for childbearing (25-35 years old) are also critical years that could either make or break a person’s career. Several women have reasoned that they are more focused on career growth and success, and only when they have reached a certain level of success will they contemplate starting a family. In 2016, Malaysia recorded the lowest rate of births in the country since 1963.

As each person has their own different priorities and lifestyles, some may be more family-oriented whereas others are more career-driven. Nonetheless, here are some numbers to bear in mind when you’re thinking of starting a family or buying a house. And if you’re a young couple thinking of moving in with your loved one, here are some tips you can bear in mind.

Note: These numbers are not exact and may vary based on external factors.

The figures that we have totaled up are not entirely accurate, but rather a rough estimation of costs. For example, giving birth to a child in a private hospital as well as providing them with private education will definitely cost more, whereas the cost of a landed house might differ based on location and other factors. Ultimately, we believe it is about living within your means and whether or not you can afford to bear the expenses.

Having a child is like an expensive asset but also a liability. Before bringing a child into the world, parents must be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for the well-being of the child. Based on numbers alone, Chin stresses that the cost of raising a child could just be equivalent to the cost of an S-Class Mercedes-Benz plus a semi-detached house. And that’s just with one child, what about 2 or more?

The rising costs of goods and quality also plays a factor in the upbringing of a child, coupled with the financial statuses of the child-rearers. The modern family’s lifestyle simply cannot be accommodated comfortably with just one breadwinner, but both parents need to pull in certain-figure incomes to maintain their family’s expenses - even more if there are more children or other family members to take care of.

The urge to leave the nest is real - having a place of your own, being your own free soul, and finally feeling independent. While we definitely advocate your independency and standing on your own two feet, purchasing a property of your own can be quite challenging if you don’t know anything. Before embarking on that journey, find out if you’re truly ready for that adventure.

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(Written by: Ashley Ooi, 31st July 2018)


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Totally agree on huge cost of raising a child in Malaysia

By a baby in your family, will also bring priceless family moments. It is something money cannot buy.

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Some people say at your death bed, would you want the S class vehicle or the top notch penthouses to be with you or loved ones to be by your side? An honest answer perhaps can guide you to a right decision...

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Yeah agree with you. Some people work too hard and earn lots of money, until they are at their death bed do they realize, that family ties are what matters most!

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Honestly I think the cost of raising a child is very subjective on the parents and also "how they're brought up" vs "how they want to bring up their child". 

There are many debates on this issue. I see many young couples getting the best for their new born but aren't able to sustain living(especially in KL/PJ). Whereas there are others that give necessity but not the best for children development but sustainability is alright. 

Kind of a chicken and egg situation.  

Similarly, the issue of renting or buying a property. Would you rent? or would you buy? What's your take?

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Best case for me, is to rent and also buy.

I would only rent if I own another property which can earn good rental income and provide me with position cash flow.

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@audng13 ......... i guess there must be some balance in all, too much of materials will spoilt the kids, lack of it may demoralised them..

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There must be a balance in between. Getting a dream home for our own manageable income and raising a kid or kids will depends on what kind of plan are you looking forward to.

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing