Inspired by the idea of co-working, co-living has now become a trend as people are more comfortable with sharing spaces with groups of people that they previously may not have lived with before. Yet the practice is lesser known in Malaysia, though some business owners have already created the platform for co-living.

According to Tan & Tan Development Bhd chief executive officer Tan Yee Seng, “The act of co-living refers to living in a shared space with other individuals who share similar interests. It differs from hippie hostels and dorms as these spaces are designed for young working professionals.”

To those that find it hard to visualise, co-living is similar to the services provided within the hospitality industry whereby, occupants would usually have their very own rooms, however, the only difference is that bathrooms and common areas such as the hall, kitchen and dining areas would be shared.

Source: Coliving@Damai Residence

Most co-living service providers will provide common living spaces for you to relax and network.

The concept is intended to those that would need to stay at home for a short period of time just to sleep and get cleaned, ideally suited to single working adults. Adding to that the concept could also appeal to those who have moved to a new locale for work, including expats looking for accommodation while looking for a permanent residence as hotels could most likely break the bank!

JL Coliving founder Jessica Lee insights, “community living or living together could the concept of renting an individual space with common or shared facilities targeted to those looking to interact with like-minded people affordably.

Source: JL Coliving

The finishes used at JL Coliving implement an industrial feel, making it effortless for occupants to interact!

As for foreigners, co-living can be used as an avenue to get to know more about a city as one would be given the chance to mingle with locals while better understanding the local culture as well as share unique experiences.”

Is Co-living Needed in Malaysia?

Tan shares, “Much has been said and debated about the affordability of a home in Malaysia, keeping young adults of the Gen-Y and Gen-Z groups living in their family homes until they earn enough to be able to buy their own home and start servicing a mortgage.

That being said there is a recent proliferation of co-working spaces, indicating that millennials have a new approach to their working lifestyle and co-living is poised to compliment that mobile lifestyle."

Source: Coliving@Damai Residence

Some co-living will provide co-working facilities to ensure that you can live, work and play within one place seamlessly!

Co-living is an ideal housing arrangement that allows young adults to explore and live outside the family home. This gives them valuable opportunities to grow into independent young adults within an eco-system that is safe, positive and filled with like-minded individuals able to share peer experiences.

“We’ve ensured that co-living is hassle-free whereby an all-inclusive bill will pay for all basic living costs offered in flexible leases as short as three months to one year and beyond. In short, we have made ‘City Living Easy’ and we want residents to feel that we are an ideal launch pad on their journey toward adulthood,” Tan enlightens.

What are Some of the Facilities Provided?

Jessica says, “Within a co-living space one would find the basic necessities needed in a normal household, as well as additional facilities, required such as a fully equipped bathroom, laundry area, WiFi connectivity, clean water and so much more.

JL Coliving provides added facilities for tenants to experience including a TV equipped with fun channels, board games, a meeting room, laundry and reading areas, a mini basketball facility, as well as a projector for movie nights. Adding to that we occasionally facilitate yoga classes to improve resident health and well being.” 

Source: Coliving @ Damai Residence

Coliving@Damai Residence facilitates movie nights for its occupants, just one of the many activities available here!

Aside from basic facilities, other co-living providers do host facilitated activities, for example, Coliving at Damai Residences has a community team that filters potential residents to ensure that a healthy community is formed.

The said team will also manage resident issues including the scheduling of specially curated activities and events according to the interests of residents to help them get-to-know and bond with each other.

"We have facilitated leisure, health and educational activities especially for our tenants which include movie nights, themed dinner nights, game nights and day trips or food tours (for foreign residents new to the country, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Body Combat, Rock Climbing, workshops, industry nights, as well as cocktail and networking evenings in the past,” Tan explains.

Source: Coliving @ Damai Residence

Enjoy playing a game of UNO? Well, you can do so with your newly found buddies via co-living!

Though fun activities are important, safety also comes in hand in hand thus Jessica says, “safety is very important within a co-living space. Within our spaces, we have security cameras installed throughout the space, while all tenants would be filtered upon being introduced into the facility.” Hence, JL Coliving is stringent with rules and regulations briefed to tenants upon signing a contract with the service provider.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost required for co-living services differs greatly across business owners as well as the scheme that one would choose (daily, monthly or yearly). JL Coliving offers schemes that would start from RM450 onwards on a monthly basis, with rates that differ for daily and yearly tenancy.

Source: Coliving @ Damai Residence

This is just one of the many examples of the rooms available within Coliving@Damai Residence. With comforts available just like a hotel room, all you would have to do is move in with your suitcase!

Tan, on the other hand, explains, “A stay at Coliving @ Damai Residence starts from RM800 and up for an all-inclusive rental that covers basic living needs (utilities and WiFi) as well as additional perks of flexible stay periods (minimum 3 months) and networking with similar like-minded individuals.

Source: JL Coliving

Opt for a co-living space like this cosy room and you will never feel far from home!

Room prices differ due to three main factors such as room sizes, if or not a room has a shared or ensuite bathroom as well as the views one would get from one's selected room.”


The benefits of opting a co-living lifestyle are aplenty such as an all-inclusive room rent, flexibility of tenancy, the luxury of not having to furnish one’s room (just bring your suitcase), having the availability of communal spaces - to ensure lots of fun and opportunities through collaboration, the fact that you can live, work and play all in one space, free WiFi in most service providers, laundry facilities available and group events that can perk up one’s energy! Is this lifestyle ideal for you? Well, head over to a co-living service provider near you to experience the joys of co-living!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 18 June 2019)

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