Over the course of our National month, #HidupBerjiran sought to bring awareness to the unsung heroes of the many neighbourhoods in Malaysia. The idea was to spread kindness and attention to those in need and give Malaysians examples they can follow in these trying times. We at Paramount Property and PropSocial are eternally grateful for the many outstanding nominations we have received. The nominations consisted of Malaysians ranging from people who did small yet impactful acts of kindness to those who went above and beyond to help those in need. We are very proud to introduce you to the winners of the Hidup Berjiran Campaign.

Sandra Gesan who was nominated by Karunamurthy Muniandy has an inspiring story that moved us. With his successful win over cancer, he viewed the opportunity of helping those in need as his second chance in life. Sandra volunteers at Pusat Jagaan Glory Children Care. He noticed that the kids were finding school incredibly boring so with his team of volunteers, he developed and created classes with subjects like arts & crafts and archery. He also helped them acclimatise to the online schooling learning curve by providing them with the equipment they needed to do well in their studies.

Another outstanding Neighbourhood Hero is Winson Kow who was nominated by his friend Gordon. He owns a hair salon and gives free haircuts to people with disabilities and others who are less fortunate. This unsung hero has been doing this for over 12 years! The inspiration came to him when he realised that his craft could make a difference especially in the heat of the pandemic. He said that he realises that many who live in assisted living homes cannot prioritise haircuts. Winson and his team decided that they would bring the barbershop to them instead. It is truly inspirational that Winson and his team can donate their time and talents to those who truly need them.

Our final winner, Subramaniam K, who was nominated by Kannan Rajaratnam, has been serving lunch to families in need every single day. Subramaniam says that he had been waiting his whole life to do what he is now capable of doing for the community. Subramaniam expresses that food is a necessity and that it shouldn’t be a privilege. With his team, they have managed to also provide students with iPads, Tablets and other materials they need for their online classes. Subramaniam has been a true hero in his community and we believe that he is making big impacts with his team.

We at PropSocial and Paramount Property would like to thank each and everyone for making #HidupBerjiran a success! We were blown away by the many nominations and endless support we received from our community in highlighting these altruistic heroes. It is our hope that more Malaysians will unite and support every single member of society. We urge you to continue to Hidup Berjiran and carry these values into different communities by spreading kindness and comradery. As we move towards a new phase of battling the pandemic, we encourage you to always trust each other to face adversity together. Let’s always #HidupBerjiran! 

(5 November 2021)