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Process involved of buying house in Malaysia:
1. Hire a lawyer specialise in property industry to help you within the deal. After that, need to pay 3% deposit
2. Within 14 days, you need to sign for the buying house agreement. Buyer has to pay another 7% deposit.
3. Pay the instalment according to the agreement.

Buyers have to pay around 1.40% to 4.00%:
1. Stampduty 1% - 3%
2. Lawyer fee 0.4% - 1%
3. Others around RM200

Stampduty Rate:
1. Property first RM100k , 1%
2. Property with RM100,001 - RM 499,999, 2%
3. Property above RM500k, 3%

Lawyer Fees 0.4% - 1%:
1. Property first RM150k, 1%
2. Property with RM150,001 - RM 850,000, 0.7%
3. Property above RM500k, 0.6%

* just for reference, you can add details below too ! :D
There is chinese version too, please add on in the comment if some details missing , Thanks!


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Appreciate if any expert would check my process flow whether is correct or not.

Upon the agreement of agreed price by vendor/agent and purchaser:
1. Both sign Letter of Offer.
2. Purchaser pays 1-3% of earnest deposit to vendor/agent.
3. Purchaser applies for loan and engages solicitor to prepare S&P agreement within 14 days.
4. If loan approved, vendor and purchaser sign S&P agreement.
5. Purchaser pays the remaining % of earnest deposit to vendor/vendor's solicitor to make up the down payment. Down payment (10%) shall refer back the max loan (mostly 90%)approved by financier.
6. Purchaser's solicitor stamps the S&P at LHDN and pay stamp duty (MOT).
7. Purchaser's solicitor liaises with vendor's solicitor to settle the outstanding vendor's loan if any.
8. Purchaser's solicitor registers the stamped copy of S&P with land office.
9. Land office transfers the title to Purchaser.
10. Vacant possession of property.
11. Purchaser moves in.


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The SPA can be signed within 14 - 21 days. Not necessary 14 days depending on whether its a local or foreigner purchaser. With foreigner purchaser, they will also need to apply for state consent. which could take up to 3 months then only after the consent is obtained then the 3 months provision period for loan payment starts.

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Hi hi, want to ask this applied to freehold properties right? Then how about leasehold properties? Got any additional step?

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for leasehold properties, some requires state/MB consent if u want to transfer ownership. check the title document. Vendor is responsible to get the consent. 

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Oh I see, okay thanks! =D

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@virspirit good sharing