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I am currently living in a high-rise condo in Penang and I have recently heard the management people telling other residents saying "We have put 'no pets allowed' sign and there are still many people having dogs in the condo. I will ask the government for a permit/warrant to get the SPCA to come and go into people's houses to catch all the dogs away!". Although I do not own a dog myself but as an animal lover I felt that it was a little too harsh to say so? So far I have not seen any mess nor heard noises made by the other dogs. I have also did some research that if the local by-laws does not strictly prohibit then the management does not hold water. Does anyone have any information about this issue? Thanks.


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I know of a place called Gem Residences condominium in Singapore, its facilities include a pet pool, a pet run and a pet shower. 

Maybe you can take some references on how they manage pet ownership within its community.

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Some reference here... it's actually legal to keep dog in high rise


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I think the management only allows those canine that seldom barks or well trained in order to be allow to be there.

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Need to be mindful and considerate to our Muslim community too.  The owners need to keep the canines in control at all times.

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Most or almost all high rise in malaysia not pets-friendly, but somehow as long as your dog seldom barks and well trained then it is alright actually. Most people can accept actually. The place i stayed was the same, unless like there is a case where the dog owner put the dog at balcony and the dog keep barking, and then they were asked to move the dog. Or else, no big issue. No legal against pets in high rise actually.

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Agree with you 100%. If you don't disturb other residents, I think is it still acceptable.

I sincerely hope more parks in Malaysia are like Desa ParkCity... where it is pet friendly, and even provide pet poop bags. However it is prudent to bring your own, as the dispenser run out of bags sometimes. 

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@domng yea, so far i see desa park city only the most pets-friendly place. but somehow some of the dog owner didn't clean the dog poops! Hope those dog owner be more responsible.

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@maggi_yum thanks for sharing