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I'm looking to purchase my first piece of property as an investment. And after consulting my friend who purchased his first property at Mentari Court, I was contemplating if it is still a wise choice to invest there. As per my understanding, the average price is about RM220k with a rental rate of around RM900 - RM1,300 (Do correct me if I'm wrong). Any thoughts on this?


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Hi Kevin
Indeed yes, Mentari Court is a good rental investment. Rental rate $900-$1000 for basic.
There's high demand on room rental too.
However, take note on the tenant profiles. You better go there and see yourself.
Most tenants are students, and young executives/workers & foreigners too..
Unlikely to get a Malaysian family due to the high rental & environment.
That is why the transacted price is always lower compare to asking price due to most buyers are investors.
if you can handle tenant, then it is indeed a good investment.

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Thanks for the info @omar_goldrealty. I understand that most of the tenants are either students or foreigners, as I've passed by the area occasionally. But just to enquire, I'm not too familiar on the definition of transacted price. Could you clarify? Thanks.

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hi @kevinho88, transacted price is the price that someone who are really close the deal and then buy / sell with the price. For example: a property asking price can be 1.5m but base on the transaction records, the last transacted price is only 1m, so you should reconsider it whether want to buy it because it seems over-value as someone can buy the same property with 500k cheaper. Someone correct me if i'm wrong >.<

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If you're purchasing Sunway Mentari Court for rental returns purposes, you'll be sure to get high rental demand for it, mostly Sunway College students. But I've also heard that it can be quite chaotic renting out to students and end up being very poorly maintained, having to spend more money to renovated the entire place at the end of the day. Majority of the Sunway condos are quite in bad shape partially due to that especially Ridzuan Condo. Not so sure about Sunway Mentari Court though. Looks ok on the outside.

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Is a good investment there, not only sunway student but also taylor's student. If I'm not wrong Mentari have the lowest rental between Suriamas and Ridzuan. So i think the demand at there really good.

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Gagak hitam is the two words synonym with that place.

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Mentari court is pretty high density area. During my college days, I know most people renting are factory workers, students from taylors, sunway and even inti. I'd say there will always be high demand for that area since its next to KTM and also the future LRT line if not mistaken. The only thing about mentari is more of security issues which they've always had due to density.

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It's a place with high rental demand and the rental can actually cover the loan installment. These days you can hardly find any property that you buy it and the rental can pay for the loan installment. A plus point there.

However the trick with Sunway Mentari Court is poorly maintain and it is definitely not in good condition. I personally know an owner who is trying to let go his unit due to the poor maintainability. Another reason is he bought it in the very early days so he is making some capital gain for selling it now.

Thing for you to consider is, the property has
1. Good rental demand
2. Good rental yield
3. None or little room for capital appreciation
4. The environment might get worse and expect to pay for wear and tear.

It would be a good choice if your purpose is to increase your rental +ve cash flow. It would be a bad choice if you if are looking for capital appreciation.

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Don't see whats the big hoo ha about Dataran Mentari apartments. Many others out there which looks better and cost less.

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Probably it's right next to highway thats why a lot of people knows about it

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Hi Jordan, pls list the other options available... which looks better and cost less. TQ.

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Do check out others such as Pelangi apartment @ Persiaran Surian, Flora Damansara @ Damansara Perdana, PKNS Apartment @ Jalan University. One thing they have in common - they appear very little on iProp etc. as oppose to general mass market properties, rather, appearing on auctions website more instead. That's probably where you should start looking :)

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Personally, I think Sunway Mentari Court is just a bad area. Although in terms of accessibility it is considered to be quite convenient, but it still think that whole vicinity. Used to have a college classmate live there. He mentioned that it is a majority of foreigners residents. A lot of mugging cases and I've even heard of a boy who committed suicide from a high, not sure how true that story is though.

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If you don't mind renting out to students, it will be a good buy. Good rental yield and return of investment.