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Some agents told me a non-bumi can buy a bumi freehold property. No problem in getting the consent or title transferred to the non-bumi's name. Is this correct?


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Non bumi wants to buy bumi freehold property, I cannot say yes or no. There is chances and this chance depends on the Land office approved it or not. The lawyer will fight the rights for their clients (refer to the purchasers) and kept appeal the case in the appellate court. The judgement is either may be you got the bumi property or may be you lost the case (if lost the case mean you lost money and time). Anyway, you should get the advice from the lawyer and not the property agents.
As for my personal advice, I will advice you (if you are non bumi ) don't waste the time to buy the bumi freehold property.

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Simply put, in Malaysia under current system, yes it can be done albeit "indirectly". It's not supposed to, but with repeated appeals I've been told it can jalan too. How long will it stay this way? You decide.

Ultimately, its a matter of purpose. Do you really want/need to resort to this method? It can be done, while they might be other easier ways too.