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Let me know what do you think of buying property in an area with a home-owners association?? Tell me your opinion, if you happen to live in those areas with home-owners associaton. For example: Damansara Jaya ROA, PJS 9, etc.


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Hi Julia, homeowner association committees basically is a group of people who represent the neighbourhood. It's quiet common in most neighbourhood to carry out jobs such as security, cleaning, maintenance, etc. A good committee will help the neighbourhood to ensure it's a good place to live while a bad committee will be as good as none. I'm not sure if you have specific concern your wanted to address, I will be happy to discuss more on specific issue.

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Better than nothing. But don't expect all security problems will be resolved.

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@danielfoo hi Daniel, I'm just curious as to what else do these committees usually do for the residents.. I know some homeowner association committees gives out newsletter to their residents... what else do they usually prepare for the benefit of the community? Thanks so much!

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Julia, the most common activities handle by homeowner association committees are:
1. security management (sourcing security guard, enforcing policies, etc)
2. facilities management (car park, swimming pool, etc)
3. maintenance management (cleaning, fixing wear and tear, etc)

Giving out newsletter is more like a channel for them to spread out the message they want to deliver to the neighbourhood.

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@danielfoo thank you for the useful info daniel. as i'm not local, i just want to know what benefits we can get from the areas with homeowner association committees :)

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Hi Julia, I stay in PJ, and the more prominent members of my neighbourhood have recently started a neighbourhood association. They started it in lieu of the higher than normal crime rate in my area now, and we now have a neighbourhood watch. So members of the team volunteer to patrol the place, and they have connections with the police as well so that if there happens to be a break in or something, the police will be at my area in a jiffy.

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I live in Kajang and had this Rumah Tetangga committee organise a few things such as gotong royong and etc..but that was during my younger days no news already for many years..sad but i feel an area with a home-owners association will be a good deal!

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It's a positive sign.