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I attended their talk last weekend, and they say that the only way for development to go it towards that direction (forgot if it's north or east or what). There was this property expert who said it was. Any opinions? It took me 40 minutes just to get back to Kelana Jaya on a smooth road with me speeding with zero traffic jam. And tol. I think I spent RM6-RM8 on tol. Any ideas? The showroom was beautiful btw.


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Too far. High travel cost and time consuming if u are working in PJ/KL area. If u travel once a while, u don't feel it but image if u have to travel everyday...

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If u are okay with traveling then I guess u can invest in it. But not for me.

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Sounds really 'ulu'. Don't think I want to travel that far on daily basis.

But usually investors who have foresight will buy properties in this kind of area before it booms, as the prices are still low and with their holding power, after 5 years or more when the whole township has become a hot location, they can sell it at a much higher price. And that's how investors make money :)

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Actually travelling is not bad. Though distance is far but travelling time would be the same if you were staying in areas like Cheras/PJ/Kepong where you will be stuck in traffic from outside your house itself. Since LATAR and Guthrie is nearby so there's not much traffic. They have a 10 year masterplan which looks very promising like more commercial units whereby developer will be controlling the tenants, police station, club house, schools within the development.

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as u got extra cash then u can consider

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@Dianne thanks for sharing