Kenny Wong, UEM Sunrise Chief Marketing Officer holds the mobile phone displaying Trésor’s latest membership e-card, Quartz. Image from: UEM Sunrise

UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”), one of Malaysia’s leading developers, recently announced an extensive enhancement to Trésor - its customer loyalty programme - to expand its customer base and align it with the Company’s ‘Go Digital’ strategy.

Trésor will be introducing a new membership tier called ‘Quartz’ for customers who have a total accumulated value of RM150,000 to RM300,000 in UEM Sunrise properties purchased since Sept 1, 2014. The opening of the Quartz tier is expected to bring an addition of 10% to some 19,000 existing Trésor members, known as Trésorians. The membership will also be open to all purchasers as per the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Previously, membership was only accorded to the first two purchasers per SPA.

As part of the Company’s digital transformation and sustainability journey, Trésor is also ceasing the production of the physical membership cards in favour of an e-card that will be displayed in the hUb Prop app.

UEM Sunrise unveiled three additional hUb-themed apps to further enhance the digital customer interactive experience -- hUb Home, hUb Mall and hUb Life. They will offer a world of convenience straight to the Trésorians’ fingertips, on top of the hUb Prop app launched in June last year.

UEM Sunrise Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Wong said: “As we aim for Trésor to be a holistic programme that focuses on end-to-end customer journey with value-added services and privileges, Trésor is also happy to announce improved benefits in our appreciation of valued customers.”

More rewards, privileges and experiences come along with the unveiling of what is known as ‘Tresor 2.0’. Other improved benefits offered to the Trésorians also include the Family Extension Rebate. This privilege can be utilised by immediate family members of the Trésorians to enjoy a rebate of up to 5% on the net purchase price of any UEM Sunrise development.

“With the introduction of the Family Extension Rebate, it shows even more how valuable a customer is to our Company, allowing them to extend the rebates of UEM Sunrise properties to their beloved family members.

“Since we launched the Trésor loyalty programme in 2014, we have continually looked for ways to ensure that our Trésorians will enjoy exclusive rewards and privileges as well as engaging experiences. We aspire to help create more happy moments and fun-loving memories for the Trésor community,” added Wong.

The kick-off of Trésor 2.0 comes at the heels of a Gold win as ‘Best Customer Experience Team’ at the recent 2020 Customer Experience Asia Excellence Awards, beating out other renowned public-listed companies in the continent. The Awards event presented at the CX Asia Week – Virtual Edition saw 238 submissions across 12 categories from 102 participating companies in Asia.

(13 November 2020)