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I had a weird encounter yesterday, with an MNC client. looking for Fully Furnished Condo @ Mont Kiara for 2 of their foreign staff.

Requirement as such:

Boss mentioned budget: RM 3k and below preferably 
* Minimum 2 Bedroom
* Must have parking lot
* Fully Furnished
* Need to know all the surrounding and amenities
* Mont Kiara
* Most importantly with that particular rental, it must be a service residence (as in there is a daily House keeping for them)

Well since I am not MK Specialist, I approached my friend and asking on this. But everybody said it is totally impossible. 

What is your point of view on this? Are these MNC asking too much and paying too less? Given that they wanted a prime location at the first place? I had even wasted my time to check on Tropicana City area but none could not have such deal. 



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say NO to this kind of ridiculous client then, it's not worth your time to deal with this kind of people. I'm hate that kind of clients where asking too much and don't willing to pay..Sometime being kind is not that good and you will lose even more. Kiam Siap x S hole! 

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may be they thought times are bad and they could get a good deal...after a while if they can't get what they want, they will adjust their expectation or increase their budget

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I advised them to look for other property agent to do their deal, as I cant do it. Even putting both of them in 2 budget hotel room would have exceeded the budget.....