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In today's soft market environment, it is surprising to still read about queues overnight for property launches. How many of these buyers truly understand what they are buying as opposed to just following their yeemakoocheh, neighbour, work colleague or market veggie seller to fight to get a unit simply because it is deemed cheap? As buyers, we need to educate ourselves more to be confident of the project to avoid problems later. A particularly large development along the LDP comes to mind.....

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Herd mentality doesnt work on me when it comes to such a large buy, 'yeemakoocheh' opinions will stay as opinion, unless that property really suits my preference and requirements as well lah. 

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Kevlos, which particular large development along LDP??

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PNK, segan nak cakap. Takut dapat surat lawyer

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as long as its cheap ,still BBB happen even soft market.. Just try to look Eco World Apartment In Semenyih

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Genuine cheap and good developments should do well and rightly so. Those that are in question are developments which deliberately create a lot of hype, whether by themselves, or via less scrupulous agents, that inevitably pull wool over buyers' eyes. Of course it can always be argued that caveat emptor or buyer beware but it is very sickening to see less experienced buyers just get caught up in the moment and commit to something that may not be in their best interests. 

We have a mentality that we must buy as soon as we can or hte price will keep going up. I think this is a dangerous approach and many need more education about the whole property buying process. If everyone is in it just to maximise their profits, we are in for a very rocky ride. 

There is no shame in renting while waiting for hte right property at the right price. In this weak market environment, many are out to catch unsuspecting buyers with convulated schemes that, when laid bare, are not as attractive as they seem....

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Actually it's quite common for developers to actually get marketing agencies to make arrangements to hire people the queue up in front of show gallery as a marketing gimmick to attract other property buyers. But of course this means lots of non-genuine leads for the developer. 

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It's like increasing the price to offer discounts. We are too gullible

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Non-experienced property buyers always fall into the trap of 'rebate', '% discount', 'no money down'.. especially the development is in the later stage 

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Nicholas Ng, yes especially during difficult times like now. I must say many times it works though, in attracting the buyers. But if the property buyers know, it's actually not such a good deal after all. The developer already mark-up the price of the unit and then offer discount or rebate, so it's still the same. In fact, those DIBS you will end up paying higher bank interest in long run. 

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I am quite surprised to see so-called marketing agencies manage to pull in so many buyers for various projects. In today's market, what are they telling these prospects to get them to commit to a property purchase? Will they all live to regret it? 

And these marketing agencies are all illegal to start off with. If the offer is legitimate, why need to go through illegal channels?