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Would appreciated if anyone here able to explain in details what is CCRIS + CTOS + DSR ? Normally why it will cause blacklist and make us not able to buy property?

As I know, ptptn, credits card will affect one of these..


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It will reduce your credit score, as they might take it as reference and think that you will not able to pay back the loan in the future.

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Don't really know these items mentioned in depth as I know for CTOS is something that we need to score well and have a good track record for bank statements, credit card repayment, loan repayments in order to have a easier loans from banks

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They won't affect you if u buy in cash without taking loan

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Banks approve your loan based on your credit score. If you're a bad scorer they will judge you as unable to repay loan on time, thus borrow you less as you're not a good payer. Just imagine you borrow your friend money and he keeps procrastinating paying you back the money, will you lose trust in this person?

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 CCRIS records all the financial information (mainly for loan)  you have with the financial institution, centralisted by BNM. 

CTOS includes the financial information not only from bank, it may contains your outstanding bills/debt from other company, such as TM, Yes, etc, if you does not make payment to them and they wanted to blacklist you, then they will lock a report to CTS.

DSR is Debt Servicing Ratio. The DSR is shows how much of a person’s income is used to service debt installments, and is represented as a % of income. 

For PTPTN, credits card limits and usage will appear in CCRIS & CTOS.  

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@virspirit good sharing