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I have no idea, was it good or bad to have a least hold property?
Buyer will dislike their property is least hold if they sue it for homestay.


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Nowadays there is not big different with Freehold and Leasehold.

On behave Investment angle, investor will sell property inside 30 years.

on behave of own stay, people won't stay property more than 60 years.

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But I still prefer a freehold property.

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my 2 cents: Freehold or leasedhold it really depends on the quality of the property... 

if it is a freehold that the whole condominium is leaking here and there and selling even RM 500k for 1000sq ft in KL i doubt there is people wanna buy

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call me conventional but i will still prefer freehold. But i wont totally shut off leasehold properties lah.

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@mangakitsune1 good sharing