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Recently I got a customer from China ask me about China Bank.

As Industrial and Commercial bank of China only loan them up to 60%. While he request to obtain minimum 70% loan.

Any good recommend banker for Bank Of China?



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If he/she is a good customer, recommend local bank-lah, give local bank some business

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is a china man from China

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Standard chartered can loan up to 80%, T&C applied. Contact me for more info! 0189772994:


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well that all depends on whether he is buying the property under the company or as foreigner... and it also depends on credit standing....

and dont forget you can always advise your client to take a loan in their home country..

there are many ex colleague of mine who is currently working and residing in Singapore they are taking Singapore Bank loan for their property in India (as the interest rate is the much cheaper comparing to taking a loan on their own country)

So there are many ways to workaround.

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@evatan88 good sharing