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Do you do survey online before hand? Or you do it after visit sales gallery?

Or you dont do survey online at all (you go survey on site)?


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I would say survey on site personally even after you have checked online reviews...

Suggest once during the day and once during the night; once during weekday and once during weekend. In order to see for yourself if the area is lively.

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@jdh will see online to check the comment given by people also. no harm to visit the gallery once to see what is the good deal they offer.

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Personally, I would usually do some research before visiting the sales gallery. It's so convenient nowadays, you can almost find any information on Google now. I will do initial filtering to ensure it suits my criteria instead of travelling all the way to sales gallery to find out that certain criteria doesn't suit me.

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Yes, we must exercise due diligence before we sign on the SnP. Even with 0% downpayment offers, it may not be a good catch.

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@jdh good sharing