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[ADMIN] Want know more about how much you could expect to EARN?

Want to know why you should be a property agent/property negotiator?

Want to know what is UNLIMITED income?

Please have a look at the image below :

Total Property Agent/Negotiators based on last year 2015 : 7674 active members in Malaysia

Total Transacted Properties for all sectors in Malaysia 2015 : 362,105 units (Average 4 units transaction for per agent for per month)

Total Value Transacted Properties for all sectors in Malaysia 2015: RM149, 897.95 millions! (Let's see this total value RM149,897.95 million x 2% commission (minimum) = RM2,997.959 million commission for all the active agents that close these deals!)

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Freeman Woo +6012 656 7617

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MIP Properties

*image from The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia & JPPH Malaysia


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Agent Application?

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how it works for part time agent?

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@6011_3531_5354  can PM me 0126567617 thanks!

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@freemanwoo thanks for sharing