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Thanks to PropSocial, you’ve finally found your dream house. Felt good, isn’t it? Not only that, you also get to decide what should be in your kitchen. Hooray! Without blabbering further, check out these top 10 kitchen appliances that you should have to make your lovely kitchen better.

1. Range hood

No one likes greasy and smelly kitchen. So, why not install a range hood in your kitchen? Mind you that this is not just a fancy looking machine - it will do you good; not just for cleanliness, but also for safety too.

By installing the kitchen top, you can avoid exhaust fumes, smoke, grease, moisture and even heat, while cooking from escaping the kitchen into other areas of your home. This is a great device especially if you are living in a condo, apartment or studio i.e. Empire Damansara, Urbana @ Ara Damansara or HighPark Suites, where air ventilation is quite limited.

If you are those persons who care about the aesthetic of your kitchen, fret not as range hood comes in different design and looks.

2. Microwave

Most of us (if not all) are living the fast-paced life where things revolve around speed and hassle-free. To have a microwave would be an added value, especially if you are a busy bee. By pushing just a few buttons, your meal will be ready in minutes. Plus, you get to do other stuff while waiting. Microwave is also easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a damp cloth or a sponge, wipe the inside surface and voila – you are done.

3. Electric cooktop

Like the previous point, we love it when things can be done fast. If you love cooking, but you are not a fan of waiting, we would like to suggest you an electric cooktop. It works better than traditional gas stove in terms of heat. Furthermore, you no longer need to be afraid of running out of gas, while cooking. As for safety, an electric stove is indeed a wise choice because you can avoid leaking gas or accidental flames, which will cause great hazard. The only downer here is that it will use a lot of your electricity. However, if you do not mind paying the bills, why not own one?

4. Electric knives and slicers

Electric knives are now a trend in the modern kitchen. This powerful cutting device makes carving of tough meat, fish cutting and chopping vegetables, as well as fruits faster and easier. Used by the campers and fishers, this is something that should be considering for your kitchen appliances. You must be wondering how it works, right? Basically, it runs on power source i.e. electricity or batteries. All you have to do is just to turn it on and the blades will move quickly back and forth. Ideally, this tool is good to those with arthritic hands. If you are worried about how you are going to clean it - don’t be. The blades are detachable for cleaning.

5. Electric can opener

Though it is advisable to not opt for a can food, sometimes life can get pretty hectic and because you just want to get things done fast, you tend to injure yourself when opening the can. That is why you need an electrical can opener. By using an electric can opener, the job of opening a can is done faster and safer if compared to the manual can opener. It guarantees that the can will be opened cleanly and less messy and most importantly - very little effort is used.

6. Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker cooks food faster than the conventional cooking techniques, which means less energy use.  You can stew, boil, fried, bake and more because it is multi-purpose, which makes this pressure cooker efficient. Besides, it is 100% safe to use because it has six valves and vent safety systems that prevent accidents. Better yet, choose a quality stainless-steel pressure cooker as it is safe, requires little maintenance and will last a lifetime.

7. Electric nonstick wok

The biggest advantage of an electric non-stick wok is easy cleaning. You do not need to scrub too much as the food does not stick on the surfaces. Not only that, it is also kind of versatile. You just need to think outside of the wok! You can stir-fry, steam, warm your food and more. A wok that runs on electricity is a cheaper option since it can stay with you for quite a long period.

8. Drinking water filter

Water is one of the most important basic necessities for living creatures. That is essential to get a good drinking water filter in every house. Why? This is because tap water contains many impurities, both natural and artificial. Some are harmless, or only affect what the water looks, tastes or smells like. Others can give you an immediate infection or slowly damage your health over a long period of time. By having water filter, it will filter out those unwanted substances.

9. Convertible refrigerator

As seen from the television advertisements, most of the convertible refrigerators have the newest function of saving energy. It also features a Smart Divider that let you to create four flexible-size compartments and allows you to choose between four temperature control settings to suit the cooling needs of meats, cold drinks, snacks, wine, party dishes and more. That is some awesome feature, right? Now, you get to choose which temperature that suits your foods the most and make sure the foods are all fresh and in good condition before you cook.

10. Dishwasher

Convenience is one of the reasons why you need to have a dishwasher. By using the said machine, it does not only take away the drudgery of hand washing your plates, glasses and flatware, but it is also much more hygienic. This is because it puts the dishes through several cycles of scalding hot water, which disinfects them while cleaning. It also protects your hands from getting dry and rough. Apart from that, you can also save your water bill. How? Well, unlike handwashing, dishwasher does not have the habit of running the water, while cleaning. Most importantly, it saves your invaluable time whereby you can do the other things.

So, there you go. We hope this listing of must-have kitchen appliances would be able to assist you in your decision-making. If you are interested in getting any of these appliances, do check out Lazada and shop online immediately!

What are your must-haves kitchen appliances? Come share with us below!

(Written by: Cherrie Tai, 18th July 2017)


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Good article for sharing...

I believe the Range Hood is more suited in kitchens where a Gas Stove is used... electric stove typically produces less "smoke".

An air ventilator might be a good alternative; only cheaper and space saving.

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Does dishwasher breaks down easily? As I know they are pretty pricey, always feel unwilling to buy. But washing dishes really makes my hands feel like sandpaper, might consider to get one eventually.

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Consider using a glove to protect your hands while washing the dishes?

Kate chew small

Some of these are good invention for lazy people :P  

@Zara, I've never seen anyone using a dishwasher in Malaysia though, not sure if we actually have it here?

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I think it is easier to find a garment dryer in a Malaysian household than a dishwasher... Haha

Img thing small

@domng Yup, that's true, despite the fact that our weather is the best 'dryer' for our clothes. Haha! Using dryer is really bad for your clothes though. It will shrink and colour-fade your clothes.

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Talking about dryers.

Gas dryers are cheaper to operate and dry your clothes faster than Electric dryers; the former mostly we see in Laundry shops.

A dryer will also help to get ride of your garment lints effectively!

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@admin_ps good sharing