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How often do you find yourself swooning over beautiful interiors on Pinterest and Instagram? Maybe, just like many of us, you're making mental notes to channel these inspirations into your current or future home. And just like many of us, you're asking the question, "How much is this going to cost me?"

Fret not. We've got you covered. We dug into our data and believe it or not, modeling your place after your dream home might be cheaper than you think! We'll also tell you how much it generally costs to repair broken appliances or fixtures in your home.

How much does it cost to renovate your kitchen?

It's true what they say: the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Apart from getting the right appliances and cabinets, two very important things you should decide on are the textures of the walls and countertop. With a huge variety of textures to choose from, you should always pick the one that's most practical for your household.

Tiled backsplash

The interior above features a very minimalistic approach. Take the white backsplash tiles, for instance. They offer heaps of benefits, especially in the design factor because they open the space and blend nicely with the dark granite countertop and steely appliances. In addition, gravy spills and oil splatters are easier to clean on tiles, compared to wallpapers.

Regular walls are easily damaged by water splashes. Since the kitchen is the second room in the house that uses running water, you should protect your walls with a tiled surface to prevent them from water damages.

The average cost of tile installation is between RM2.50 and RM7.50 per square feet.

Granite countertop

There are various types of countertops you can opt for, but this particular look goes well with the white hardwood flooring and tiled backsplash. Granite is an affordable, durable and low-maintenance material. There’s a saying that you’ll destroy your knife before you destroy your granite countertop, which speaks volumes of the surface’s sturdiness. Read more about granite countertops here.

You can expect to shell out anywhere between RM150 to RM850 per square feet for a slab of granite, but having a granite kitchen countertop is a worthy investment.

Refrigerator repair

Before you throw out your refrigerator, consider getting it fixed, as it's much more economical than buying a brand new one. Believe it or not, a well-maintained fridge can last you approximately 14 to 17 years!

How much does it cost to renovate your dining room?

Your dining room should be somewhere you can relax, socialise and eat in peace. Jarring colours and clunky furniture might just clutter up the place, so opt for a design that's clean and easy on the eyes.

Wall painting

If you want a modern dining room like the photo above, start by choosing a wall colour that complements the aesthetic of your room. This one uses a muted mint green, which can also be substituted with light gray or cream.

There are various types of paints and finishes that you should be aware of, as well as different painting techniques that lend the entire room a certain look and feel, such as the Venetian Plaster and Parchment Stripes to name a few. Professional painters would have the right materials and skills in helping you achieve your desired look.

Lighting installation

Never underestimate your lights. Different lighting fixtures have different price tags, but you should always choose one that's practical and functional. We'd advise having a professional to install these lights for you, as many of these modern fixtures need to be installed into the ceiling. Depending on the complexity of the installation, it can range from RM30 to RM140 per unit.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets add elegance and warmth, that's for sure. You can go for basic shades like brown, mahogany or even black, but it doesn't harm to inject some patterned ones as well.

However, they also require cleaning at least once or twice a year. Please bear in mind that vacuuming your carpet does not count! The more people you have at home, the more traffic your carpet receives, hence, the dirtier it is. And if you have furry kids like dogs or cats, you should definitely look into a more vigorous cleaning routine. Don't worry, we have expert carpet cleaners on our platform who charge an average of RM0.80 to RM2.00 per square feet.

How much does it cost to renovate your bedroom?

The bedroom is a place of tranquility and relaxation, and deserves to look and feel that way. It usually helps to decide on a theme before shopping for furniture and renovation costs. If you like the rustic simplicity of the room above, you're in luck because that's a wallet-friendly design that goes a long way.

Wallpaper installation

Wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular these days. We don't have to explain how gorgeous they are! They also add texture to your room. The average cost is RM50 to RM250 per roll, but if you want specific quotations on wallpaper installation for your home, you can contact our service providers on Kaodim.

Curtain making

The curtain material affects how it hangs and flatters your room. Read our complete guide to choosing the right curtains here. You can have your curtains custom-made and installed by our professionals. The price for curtain making costs about RM9 to RM12 per square feet, depending on the type of material you prefer.

How much does it cost to fix up your bathroom?

Your bathroom deserves just as much attention as your kitchen, bedroom and every other room in the house.

Sink installation

Top-mount sinks are great for any countertop material. This space-saving addition is perfect for small bathrooms too. In many cases, this all-in-one sink is designed as part of the countertop, and the installation cost is dependent on the complexity of the job. According to interior designers and sink contractors, one of the best advantages of this fixture is that it's really easy to clean.

Plumbing repair

Clogged bathrooms are very common, so just in case you encounter a similar issue, you know who to call! Our professional plumbers are licensed and well-equipped with the right tools and experience, and they'll ensure that you get your money's worth.

Now if you're looking for professional ideas and advice in decorating or choosing the right furniture, we have interior designers on Kaodim who will be glad to help. We also have a wide range of home services for you to choose from, with home renovation and maintenance being some our most popular ones. Request a service and receive free quotations so you can be one step closer to achieving the home of your dreams!


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