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“…… 在好奇心的驱使下,她把盒子打开,然后被吓着了!盒子里放着一个血淋淋的娃娃,娃娃的头部已经被拆下来并且被针扎着,然而最可怕的是,娃娃和她很相似!







故事提交日期:2018年10月11日 至10月28日






大奖:One World Hotel 双人自助餐午餐价值RM200!





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It was pouring rain that night, the streets were darker than usual. The lamp posts were dysfunctional; some were flickering and some just shut off completely. There sits alone a girl, soaking wet, stranded at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere despite it being past the time for any bus to come by with a dead phone and nowhere to go. 

After an hour without a single car passing by, she suddenly saw a pair of lights down the road. She was elated but the car swerved abruptly around 30 meters farther and stopped. She tried waving to get it's attention but there was no response. In a matter of seconds, the yellow light gradually changed to a red hue. 

Then she saw it..crouching on top of the car, a dark figure with limbs twice as long as that of a human's. For some reason, every bone in the girl's body was yelling "RUN!" yet she stood there, frozen by the putrid smell coming off of it and the squelching sound it was making. The creature turned its head towards her and screeched loudly as she finally made her move and sprinted towards the woods behind her. In an instant, the car flew towards her direction but missed her by an arm's length and crashes onto a tree. 

She ran farther into the darkness of the woods; the awful smell only getting stronger and stronger until she stopped, saw something and realised, she was running towards it's pack.

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A single drop of blood lazily rolled down her cheek. Aria was hoisted up on a rope by her hands, her feet mere feet above the ground. She was swaying gently like a pendulum, and during each movement, her arms felt like they’re about to pop out of their sockets. She tried screaming, her voice failing to escape her lips.

Feeling drowsy, she opened her eyes to watch a guy, also hoisted up a few feet away. He was awake and swinging vigorously trying to loosen the knots. He shushed her as the knots came loose, and he landed with a thud. Quickly rising on his feet, he came up to Aria saying, “I’m Jay, I’ll help you but shhh….”

Aria nodded and Jay proceeded to remove her knots swiftly. Soon enough, Aria was on the floor while Jay was trying to help her up on her feet. That was when Aria noticed the large silhouette lurking behind the shadows of the dimly lit room, and a smile spread across Aria’s face.

“Ugh… Come out already! I’m in a desperate need of a shower!” she screamed at the silhouette. Jay looked confused.

A large scaly figure slithered towards them, body of a snake and head of a human and its fangs dripping venom, “Ah, these hero types taste the best!” its voice reverberating. “Well, Bon Appetite,” said Aria and left the dungeon locking in Jay with the creature. His future dawned upon Jay and a bitter smile was on his lips.

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