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Hot on the heels of #MalaysiaBaharu, it’s time to usher in a new year for Malaysia, brimming with fresh new possibilities and property prospects, as well as interior design fashions and bold new colour palettes to beautify your home.

As global trends can take some time to find a footing in Malaysian markets, it’s frequently possible to anticipate what will be popular on local shores in the near future by seeing what’s popular in key international markets today.

With this in mind, PropSocial’s very first feature for 2019 delves into what’s hot and what’s not in interior design for the coming year, as proclaimed by influential designers, lighting luminaries and industry players both at home and abroad!

1. Flourishing florals as finery

Floral prints are in this year, with the exception of floral chintz.

While seasons in Malaysia are limited to the wet and dry, designers here are still beholden to seasonal trends as spring, summer, autumn and winter fashions find their way to local shores. This applies to interior design as well, with floral forms set to make a splash this spring on floors, fabrics and more.

These pastel patterns bring promises aplenty with a variety of hues and shapes for every interior arrangement. Homegrown renovation platform Qanvast.com notes, however, that homeowners may want to stay away from floral chintz, a type of floral print which has seen perhaps too much uptake in Malaysia in recent years.

2. The enduring appeal of mixed metals

Mixing metals is like mixing metaphors: done well, it can produce an elegant visual statement, but done poorly, it may result in an confusing mishmash of clashing styles. Traditionally seen as a no-no, industry players have decreed that the aesthetic is in this year, so it’s a good time to learn how to do it well.

Metals can bring clean, well-defined lines into a space.

By following a few simple design rules, you can leverage on the clean, professional lines that metal elements bring to a space while adding the warmth of complementary copper, burnished brilliance of decorative bronze, reassuring solidity of steel and much more, without worry.

These guidelines include designating a dominant metal, pairing metallic finishes, incorporating coordinating elements and using accents to highlight central or conversation pieces. But if you’re less confident in your design skills, do drop by PropSocial’s featured home products and services for inspiration or guidance!

3. Living Coral: Colour of the Year

Pantone, renowned in the industry for its proprietary colour matching system, has announced that Living Coral is its Colour of the Year, setting a benchmark for 2019 in terms of chromatic compatibilities while serving as a snapshot of current cultural trends.

Living coral calls to mind the warm, positive hues found in nature.

Developed as a response to the intrusiveness of digital technologies into everyday life, Pantone positions Living Coral as a nurturing hue that evokes natural surroundings and a lighthearted, playful mood.

In the interior space, the colour brings to mind positive human connections and emotional intimacy, perhaps best paired with soft fabrics and furnishings, and harder elements such as mixed metal accents as a complement.

4. Going au naturel with sustainable materials

An evergreen consideration in design, industry practitioners utilise natural materials such as bamboo, hemp and even cork to minimise carbon footprints while incorporating a touch of the great outdoors.

Natural stone can merge practicality with ornate luxury.

Sustainable materials also have the benefit of merging practicality and luxury, with Buying It Blind’s Michael Smith Boyd sharing that natural stones, quartzes and even terrazzo have the potential to make the indulgent a little more palatable.

5. Lighting 2019: the three Cs

Skillful use of lighting, even natural light, can completely transform an interior, illuminating volumes while drawing the eye to central elements. While lighting trends are less prominent compared to other aspects of design, it still pays to stay abreast of the field.

Connected lighting is increasingly popular in smart home and office concepts.

This year, common themes in the lighting segment can be summed by the three Cs: colourful, connected and cordless, with manufacturers such as Kohler emphasising colourful lamps and fixtures to offset the muted hues in 2019’s colour palette.

Meanwhile, connectivity and cordless lighting products are extensions of current trends in the segment, with players like Philips Lighting positioning lighting solutions as digital data points providing valuable feedback in diverse environments while providing customisation and upgrade options for future-proofing.

(By Aliff Yusri, 1 Jan 2019)

What interior design trends do you think will take off in 2019? Let us know.


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@henry It's evergreen in the industry! Pun intended.

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Sustainable is definitely the next thing in the art or people going into that concept. Much to say, Conventional to LED, smart homes, solar panels, Vertical garden, natural light sunroof and etc.

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@JohnL We think the challenge with the sustainable agenda is finding a fresh perspective on the concept and aesthetic! That's the trouble with anything that gets substantial exposure.

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing