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The problem now is the banks that are not willing to borrow money to these millennials as they think these millennials are riskier

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@henry Yes, many developers are calling for a relaxation of financing guidelines, but it's likely regulators need to keep in mind speculation concerns as well as home buyer needs!

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Millennials are the target audience of many developers launching new properties especially those in compact sizes. I think developers should provide financial assistance to millennials instead of us going through banks to get loan approvals. 

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@jade1854 Well said Felicia! You have a deep understanding of the property segment and its issues. However, more widespread financial assistance from developers would require stringent regulations and enforcement.

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The article do summarize on the millennial's problem though. They are too dependent to source of income coming elsewhere and doesn't willing to work harder which causes a not so good portfolio that doesn't get the confidence from the bank or so forth. Not to say job hopping is bad but doing it to much in the millennial as a don't care / Just hop or no friends is not a good thing.

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@JohnL Well said, John =O) Indeed, where there's smoke, there's fire. We've had the pleasure of meeting many millennials who break the mold though!

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Someone have a saying, if one don't have a big head, should not wear a bit hat, take calculated risk at all times, can one afford to not work for 6 months, this 6 months of emergency funds should be in everyone's bank account

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@carmenfoong Words of wisdom =O) Those with financial commitments such as family or hire purchase loans should budget up to 12 months' funds just in case.

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@JohnL can't agreed more on you!

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing