Introducing Hanna @ Laman Sendayan

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Launched in February 2021 was Hanna @ Laman Sendayan – their previous launch Avisa & Belissa, both received overwhelming response, and sold out within a day of virtual launch despite the uncertain circumstances of COVID-19 in 2020.

Hanna @ Laman Sendayan will be located within the township of Bandar Sri Sendayan, a self sustained and well planned township of over 6,000 acres. The homes will total a limited number of 540 units, each unit comes with a very spacious layout of 2,152 sq ft and 2,396 sq ft. At a price that is impossible to find in Kuala Lumpur for a landed property of this size, starting from RM421,999 only.

These spacious homes are not only ideal for a growing family, but they are also perfect for multigenerational families. The layout of Hanna comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a car porch large enough to fit 2 cars comfortably. The corner lots of Hanna @ Laman Sendayan will also come with private gardens, making it the perfect home for those who enjoy gardening. Residents are also assured peace of mind knowing that their abodes are located within a secured enclave.

Advantages of Spacious Landed Living in a Green Environment

Hanna @ Laman Sendayan was designed to blend with nature, with its spaciousness and designs that took its environment into account. The homes are built with an open concept, and no wasted space, providing for an airy environment within the house. This provides the homes with plenty of natural sunlight and natural ventilation, qualities which are hard to find if you live in a high rise.

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For the owners of the corner lots and end lots, they will find a refreshing return to nature with their personal garden. As a well planned township, the housing area is located away from the commercial area, ensuring only fresh air and the sounds of nature in the neighbourhood. Thanks to this, families will be able to enjoy their gardens and outdoor activities without the pain of air and noise pollution.

Families will be able to rediscover the joys of family bonding while working the garden with their children or family members, and the elderly will be able to enjoy the quiet neighbourly ambience of bygone days.

The Lifestyle of a City Dweller in an Environment of Nature

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Although Hanna @ Laman Sendayan was built to be a quiet home of retreat from the city, it was nevertheless also built to provide every convenience that can be found in the city of Kuala Lumpur, and even more.

Residents of Hanna @ Laman Sendayan will have the use of a fully equipped clubhouse at D’Tempat. They will be able to enjoy the use of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, bowling alley, dining establishments, and even banquet spaces. D’Tempat is however not the only fun that families will get to enjoy together – there is also the acclaimed X Park.

X Park is an adventure-filled place that is dedicated to motorised and well as non-motorised extreme sports. The park encompasses 34 acres, and offers all manner of outdoor activities such as bungee jumping, dodgeball, bubbleball, high ropes, pocket biking and many more. They have a skate park, rollerblade park, high ropes, and paddle boarding among their many other activities, and they even offer glamping.

All these activities are located within only minutes from Hanna @ Laman Sendayan, where residents can enjoy multiple enjoyable weekend activities all year round.

A Highly Accessible Neighbourhood

Hanna @ Laman Sendayan takes full advantage of its proximity to Kuala Lumpur. The neighbourhood is well located to the highways, with the North South Expressway (PLUS) located only about 5 minutes away from the neighbourhood. This will enable residents to get to Kuala Lumpur city in under an hour in clear traffic.

For frequent travellers, there is the proposed Senawang - KLIA Expressway that will provide them a hassle free route to the airports once it is completed. Additionally, the Seremban - Port Dickson Highway is less than 5 minutes away from home. Via this highway, residents will be able to get to the sandy white beaches of Port Dickson in only 30 minutes.

Hanna @ Laman Sendayan is undeniably well located, with the city centre of Seremban only 15 minutes away. The main wet market of Seremban, Pasar Besar, is only 15 minutes away and other popular eateries such as the Lucky King Bun is also 15 minutes away. In lieu of supermarkets and hypermarkets, residents will have the choice of shopping at AEON, Palm Mall, and Tesco Extra – all of which are within 10 to 15 minutes of Hanna.

The Story of Seremban

Located about 45 minutes south from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur is the quietly booming town of Seremban, renowned to locals for its liveability, affordable landed homes, and great lifestyle.

Unknown to many, Seremban has a long history of names before finally being known by its current name. When it was first founded in 1840, Seremban was known as Bukit Pasar. A short few years down the line in 1878 its name changed to Selimban, and only 21 years later that in 1899 was its name changed to Seremban. And on 20 January 2020, Seremban achieved its next milestone – Seremban was given city status.

This seemingly quiet city is in actual fact very much steeped in history. There are antique buildings built alongside modern ones, and the locals have their own unique cuisine and lifestyle.

Both local and international tourists enjoy visiting Seremban for its proximity to Kuala Lumpur, which in spite of its proximity is somehow still untainted by the hustle and bustle. Tourists visit the city to enjoy the cheap seafood, Seremban siew pao, beef noodles and many more, and then take a 30-minute drive to Port Dickson to get some Vitamin Sea.

After getting their fill of nature and good vibes, they can then take a short 45-minute drive back home to the city within the same day.

Advantages of Living in Seremban

A major advantage of living in Seremban is its considerably higher quality of lifestyle at a much lower cost. Unlike the city of Kuala Lumpur where everything is priced at a premium, residents of Seremban can enjoy wholesome meals and a wholesome lifestyle at half the price in Kuala Lumpur.

Stress levels are much lower in Seremban due to the lower population and less traffic, which motorists also delight in that there are no toll roads within the city of Seremban. The quality of living in Seremban is much higher with the spaciousness and green living afforded to the locals, qualities that can no longer be found living in Kuala Lumpur.

Find Your Next Home at Hanna @ Laman Sendayan

Seremban is fast becoming the city of choice for buying a new home close to Kuala Lumpur. Buyers delight in the affordable prices of spacious landed properties in well planned townships that can be found in Seremban, which can no longer be found in the Klang Valley.

Hanna @ Laman Sendayan is the perfect development for home buyers looking to upgrade their homes for growing or multigenerational families. If you are in the market seeking a new home, make sure to grab this opportunity and check out the increasingly limited number of homes available at Hanna.

For more information on Hanna @ Laman Sendayan, call 1800-88-2688 or visit their website at

(1st June 2021)