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Listing your property on Airbnb can generate a decent side income for you. The key factors to attracting customers on the rental site are a good location, reasonable pricing, and most importantly - an attractive interior.

While the first factor may not be as easily attainable, the final two are quite easily achievable. Here's how you can transform your space into the most Airbnb-worthy one on the site:

1. Clean everything

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What do you expect from a rented room, be it a hotel or a holiday apartment? You'd expect the place to be clean. The same goes for your guests on Airbnb. Clean up the space that you're renting out thoroughly. Be sure to clean the common places even if you're just renting out a single room. The last thing you need is a negative review on your listing, complaining about cockroaches, bed bugs, dust mites or dirty interiors.

2. Declutter

Photo credit: Lowe's

Minimalism is still the trend, so nothing appeals to a backpacker more than a neat and minimalistic vacation rental at an affordable price. Sort through the items in the room and decide if you really need them there. Get rid of the unwanted things and reorganise the necessities.

Remember to keep the necessities for guests within reach, preferably at eye-level.

3. Use neutral colours

Photo credit: Jali Designs

Neutral colours like white, cream, beige, and mocha have a wider appeal than bright colours like pink and blue. If you're worried that the space may look boring with these colours, you can jazz it up with a bit of these bright colours. Neutral colours are also what most hotels use in their rooms, so they'll definitely make your property look classier and posh.

Click here to get a paint job done.

4. Get a statement piece

Photo credit: PTM Images

It could be a painting, a statuette, a mirror, even a wall of a different colour. Every room looks the same when it's neat and tidy - a statement piece is what adds character to a space. You should choose something that compliments the theme and colour of your room. For example: if you're going for an oriental theme, then a red Vietnamese lantern could be your room's statement piece.

5. Get ultra-functional furniture

Photo credit: Pinterest

Think about that hotel room you once stayed in that was small but compact. It had everything you need and the space was utilised greatly. The secret to recreating a space like that is in the furniture selection. A table can be used to divide the sleeping and living area; a shelf for the sleeping and bathing area.

6. Light up the place

Photo credit: Playuna

A well-lit room gives it a clean and polished look. Light up the room if necessary, don't just depend on natural lighting from your windows. Your guest might be doing some reading and researching on their gadgets in the room, what you can do is make the experience more comfortable by making sure the room is well-lit so they don't need to strain their eyes.

7. Offer practical amenities

Photo credit: Lowe's

Be the type of host who isn't afraid to go above and beyond. Don't be stingy in making your guests feel at home. Guests would greatly appreciate a place equipped with functional and practical amenities such as a working wifi, TV, washing machine, hair dryer and an ironing board. You should also look into having a fridge, microwave and stove in case your guests prefer to cook at home. While you're at it, ensure that your space is stocked with sufficient cooking and kitchen appliances, extra towels, toilet rolls, shampoo, bath gels and drinking water.

8. Justify your interior design with good photos

Photo credit: Gravity Home

And of course, last but not least, be sure to market your space effectively through stunning, clear photos. Camera phones won't do your home proper justice. Hire professional photographers who are well-equipped with the right camera, lenses and lighting gear to elevate your home into a gorgeous, magazine-worthy wonder. Nice photographs will allow you to increase your home's price on Airbnb too.

Simple gestures like that would grant you positive reviews and attract more guests to your listing!

Kaodim has a list of services that can help you improve your space more attractive on Airbnb. Just select the required service, complete the request form, and we'll match you with verified, trusted professionals near you!


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I thought AirBnB only accept booking through Credit Card payment.

Can do offline transaction without AirBnB as middleperson?

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@domng I guess the repeat customer may be contacting ronald for an appointment wihtout going through Airbnb he mean.  That must be trust from his side.

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I see... in other words, returning customers... I remember once the AirBnB owner, promise to give further discount if I stay in his apartment again...

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@kaodim thanks for sharing