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Keeping good building maintenance is a real issue in Malaysia. If we look at the condos, apartments and flats in our country, I think most people will find that building maintenance are generally below average if not disgusting. The paintwork, leakages, condition of the lifts, rubbish collection area, parking areas, landscaping .... everything deteriorate 5 years after the residents moved in. Exceptions only in some very high end condo development. Why is it so? Who is to be blamed? How can we improve the situation? Go to have a look at Singapore properties even their lowest end HDB flats, you will notice a huge difference.


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money problem

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I so agree with you, @ppnnkk2011! The apartment I'm renting at now has a real issue with the basement parking and the compound outside the block. The cement floor in the basement parking is cracking here and there, and bits are coming off, but nobody does anything about it. The compound outside the apartment block is full of potholes and driving is a pain because you elak one, you masuk another. I've notified management about it but no action was taken.

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I believe poor property management skills and the dreaded corruption practise are some of the most common issues.

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As they say, first world infrastructure with third world mentality.