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Hi, about the recent budget announcement by our PM last Friday. Is there anything interesting updates, in regards to property investment in Malaysia? Thanks


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Read about summarize version in newspaper, I don't find anything about property mention by our PM.

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However, it is interesting that fare for four toll plazas will be abolished.
Pray for a lot more free toll in the future.

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Heard that for those 4 toll plazas to be closed... further toll collection extension for other toll plazas, will be granted... ouch!

If you only use those 4 tolls plazas, great news... 

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"more" affordable house. 

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The abolishment of the Toll plaza benefits certain area of people though, not to say all but some of it. Hopefully there's no new toll booth / price hike for the surrounding toll plaza though

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Abolish or not, I believe the concessionaires still have to be paid a lot of compensation; which is from tax payers' money unfortunately.

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@domng thanks for sharing