Legal fees
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Sometimes its ridiculous for lawyer to charge more than RM200 for faxing and telephone when the buyer is the one who travels to meet them. And their services, most of the times are below the par but legal fees are too high. Does anyone knows how can we save Legal fees? Any government agencies offer this service?

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Now i know the reason for charging legal "runner fees"... initially i though the lawyers just sit in the office to do paperwork while there is another person who does the running to govt authorities. Haha

There is also this exorbitant "stationery fees" which i always see in the legal fees breakdown. 

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@domng Good to read thru the whole agreement and receipt, then you will alot "weird" charges. haha. Well, honestly, normally still office boy is the one who run to authorities to do stamping and all that.

I'm agent who go authorities to do stamping by myself too.haha. i think i should charge them fees also.

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Add in some "misc" charge to cover your petrol, toll, parking fees. haha

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10% rather than 25% like lawyer did on Tenancy agreement. haha