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Do anyone has any actual data or statistics to show the crime rates in Petaling Jaya? I would like to know the overall crime rate of the area, or even individual developments. Hopefully the bad ones as I have to highlight the worseness of the crime in the area in my assignment. Thanks in advance for any helpful comment!

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U have to rub shoulders with the local police dept... u might get some help there as they are always the first on the crime scene.

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Hard to give such data and I dont think the police dept will be able to reveal that as normally crime rate is produce or mentioned as a whole. For specific place, you may need to check out at the local council or local police dept.

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I’m considering a landed property in Seksyen 11 (seksyen11/6 in particular) . Not familiar w the area. Is the area safe as  I will be spending a lot of time alone ??